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i think i may have either figured out a secret future plan, or im just crazy.

KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 121
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so i just relised that at the top of the forum it tells you what pages you clicked on to get into the descussion your currently in, e.g. home / dead by daylight forums / general discussion / (name of discussion), and i just realised that when you click on home it automatically brings you into the dead by daylight forums page, which must mean that they are planning to add other places to go to in the future when you click on home, as the only reason i could think of that it would put you instantly into the forum would be if there arent currently any other places to go to, and since the anniversary is coming out, maybe they will have an extra option on the home page, and or even have a home page, as the forum itself has a homepage, and it states it up there, but when your on the home page, there is anather home page option underneath, that when clicked brings you to the same page, so maybe they will ad an actual homepage with links to the forum, wiki, steampage, etc..... just a thought..... what do you fellow members of the fog think


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