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Why do Totems not save Progress ?

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

I don't understand the rational why Totems are the only task in the game that reset to zero if you interrupt.

What is the rational behind this? It seems like a needless penalty to Survivors who can't tactically cleanse them without wasting ampoules of time.


  • SenzuDuckSenzuDuck Member Posts: 3,314

    Because it would render them useless? It would kill thrill of the hunt.

    The only way Id find it fair is if you made cleansing them a 1-2minute task.

    15 seconds with saved progress makes them ridiculously easy and no killer would be able to protect them.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 1,529

    Once the totem is cleansed, the killer is down a perk for the rest of the match. It's already difficult for low-mobility killers to protect totems. It would be pretty much impossible to keep a hex totem standing for any length of time if progress were saved.

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 586

    Didn't chests also not save progress? Also feel like they open faster in general now. Halt on the shadow survivor buffs please.

    This would literally also be BUILT IN protection of moron survivors from THEMSELVES when they all seem to think suicide rushing Ruin is worth it when the whole team is in the area knowing ruin is there. Meanwhile killer is also there the killer KNOWS they know. As killer they always eventually get a ridiculous cost.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    I actually wasn't even thinking of perks. Most of the time I'm just cleaning dull totems. I clean all dull totems every match unless I die first. There's usually only one hex totem and I don't always get to it first.

    So the rational really is to make it a little harder to destroy the totems, because otherwise it would make Hex Perks useless. Ok got it.

  • TheHoodiedOneTheHoodiedOne Member Posts: 7,754

    Because the entity repairs the totem (This is what I believe)

    Also why would we nerf killers again

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 4,754

    Most hex perks need buffs not nerfs. There's no reason the progress should be saved.

  • AkumaAkuma Member Posts: 407

    As the totems got release they saved the progress. This was so dumb and so weak it took some weeks and the devs increased the cleansing time and changed it so the progress resets to zero when you get interrupted.

    You cant imagine how many survivors triggered the hell out of you. You didnt had a serious chance to defense your totem because everyone just tabed it until it was broken

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 138

    dude this is the best comm ever... you deserve some badge for this,,.. can't stop laughing.. lol

  • CallMeSpideyCallMeSpidey Member Posts: 625

    Hexes should last about 30-45 seconds after they've been cleansed.




    NOED would be a pain though.

  • HavelmomDaS1HavelmomDaS1 Member Posts: 1,948

    Who cares? It's a balance decision. It's already nearly impossible to protect ur totem once spottet.

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