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"We're looking into it." - Involuntary DCs

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

Every killer game, every day, at least 2 involuntary DCs (no sound, simultaneous) with a spattering of my own IDC when playing survivor. I've eliminated everything I can on my side and still the same thing.

  • router port forward set up
  • firewall exceptions made
  • verify game files
  • reinstall game
  • reinstall/disable antivirus
  • flushed DNS
  • reconfigured DHCP for new local IP assignment pools (reconfigured forwarding accordingly once IP is assigned)
  • assign static IP (in case there is a DHCP issue)

No changes no matter what I do, and this didn't exist before the Plague patch. I'm at a loss at this point since I "main" killer, and playing survivor is literally a lottery if I stay connected the entire game.

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