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I don't watch streams. Could someone give me a summary of what we're getting?

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    Battlepass, mobile dbd, map reworks and updates, ranked rewards, freddy rework, ghostface

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    All of this plus the new Archives. Survivors and killers will get back stories and cinematics related to them in addition to quests every mid chapter update. The battle pass releases alongside these for additional lore cosmetics


    Saw somebody saying there was a graphics update coming but I can't find any proof of it. Anybody know a thing or two about a thing or two?

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    Loop nerfs for pallets and windows to be based more on skill 😘

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    Here's a short list taken from my discord that I typed for a friend as the stream went along so some things may vary. If anyone notices any inaccuracies point it out and I'll correct it. Likely I probably got a few things off for the killers so be sure to verify it via stream.

    Here's a quick tl;dr of the Dead by Daylight Anniversary stream

    *Nintendo Switch Release - September 24th, 2019

    *Mobile Release - Unknown Date > Currently up to their mobile department

    *Game will handle friends list + party system for SWF and Invites + Requeue + Will be an in-game friends list based on platform

    *Punishment for disconnect abuse - Mentions frequent abusers will get "special" treatment

    *New progression system called The Archives with freemium and premium tracks for unlocking stuff

    *+ Will also have NPCs called The Observer and The prisoner

    *Rewards will be in something called The Rift that is available during a 3 month cycle

    *Tomes which are character progression for lore will always be available for free

    *Premium The Archives (Essentially battlepass) will be story related for that theme

    *Rank rework + Seasonal rework + Self Progression based on stats + Compare stats of your characters to other players playing that same character

    *Older maps getting reworked with new assets and designs starting with Badham Preschool

    *Springwood will receive new tiles, layouts and variations amounting to 4 new maps in that realm

    *Addressing stuff such as fat shaming and totem placements


    Here is the section about Freddy from another user on Reddit since it's formatted better than what I had.



    KILLER POWER - Night Shroud

    *Ghostface can crouch for 0 terror radius, no red stain and can peak around corners while moving at full speed. Moving makes an ambient sound that's distinct. If survivors stare at Ghostface within 32 meters this action is cancelled.

    *Ghostface can stalk survivors for 4 seconds to make them exposed for 20 seconds (Individually)


    I'M ALL EARS - Detection Tracking Perk

    If a survivor performs a rushed action outside of TR their aura is shown for 6 seconds (On cooldown)

    THRILLING TREMORS - Obstruction Perk

    When a survivor is picked up or interupted it will block any generators not being worked on for 16 seconds

    All affected perks are highlighted in white (Works on cooldown)

    FURTIVE CHASE - Obsession Perk

    When the killer hooks a survivor they gain a token that reduces TR by 4 meters while in chase

    Every time obsession is unhooked the savior becomes the obsession. If obsession dies all tokens are lost.


    PTB June 4th / Launch Date June 18th

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    Have a Roadmap :3

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