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Cafe Surfer (Feng Min)- Made by AquaRC

Skin Name: Cafe Surfer

Description: Feel the need for a coffee? Well grab this pleasantly light brown trench coat, don't forget your trendy spectacles, and slip on those Ugg's before you start your quest for a cup of sweet coffee.

Snazzy Specs: You deserve the best pair of glasses to see all your foes! (And the best coffee they have around.) Catch everyone's attention with your hair flowing through the ice cold wind!

Cozy Coat: Whether for investigating crimes, or just hanging about, this cozy coat will warm you through the night! Gotta keep a bag handy to keep some gaming gear of course!

Functional Foot-Wear: These high quality boots won't be breaking anytime soon! With cozy fur to keep your legs warm through your nightly excurtions.

I thought Feng's gamer background made her a perfect candidate for a casual internet cafe outfit. Plus I've always wanted Feng with long hair and more flowy outfits so I came up with this concept. In the case that the game may not be able to handle the long hair due to the physics, I'm willing to cut it shorter or use a different hairstyle with this outfit.


I felt as though some parts of her outfits would do well with some more variation! So I thought of some alternate looks, patterns and designs! So if you may find my original design bland, you could always mix it up with these concepts!

Banner Concept:

You know how everytime they add a new skin to the game it would usually come with a banner? So I wondered what a banner with this skin would look like. At first I thought of an indoor area like a cafe, or somewhere on the streets. But I opted instead for the forest with lots of fog because I thought the idea of her steaming coffee with the fog would go great together. (Though just a concept, might change and improve on later.)

And finally I did some ingame pose sketches for her and some bonus stuff I did for fun!

For those who wanna see my design process: https://imgur.com/a/5JZyIT6?third_party=1

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  • WeeabooAquaWeeabooAqua Member Posts: 48

    Thank you very much! Also I was inspired by Kate's alpine frost pants so I decided to also give her ugg's in this! (I wish kate would get longer hairs in the future too.)

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 352

    This and Coffee Bean Claudette are going to be so cute omg

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 408

    Yes! I want to see this too! I want to see everyones' come alive. This has more points in my book for glasses.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 2,333

    Nice work! :)

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,675

    This is the nicest work I've seen so far .0.

    I really hope they add this in for Feng, this is too well done to not make it in.

  • CaeruleusCaeruleus Member Posts: 54

    this is really nice :)

  • fantasma1110fantasma1110 Member Posts: 14

    I really hope this wins, I need this

  • ghostkiller666ghostkiller666 Member Posts: 85

    i liked it, i hope they add this, i would buy

  • starpilotsixstarpilotsix Member Posts: 179

    Of the survivor ones, this is my favorite so far and I'd absolutely want to get it for my Feng.

  • IridescentBoiIridescentBoi Member Posts: 3

    I want this so baddddd

  • makaylamakayla Member Posts: 284

    I don't want this.

    I NEED this. This is incredibly well done.

  • tafnertafner Member Posts: 52

    This looks awesome omfg

  • WeeabooAquaWeeabooAqua Member Posts: 48

    Thanks for the support so far guys~ <3

  • WeeabooAquaWeeabooAqua Member Posts: 48

    I touched up the banner a bit. Hope that whoever is viewing this atm enjoys my work! And gl to all the other entries out there!

  • josephxercesjosephxerces Member Posts: 3

    This is the best one for survivor so far! It's really well done.

  • WeeabooAquaWeeabooAqua Member Posts: 48
    edited June 5

    Thank you so much! It makes me happy knowing you like my work!

    (On an unrelated note here's a Plastic Love edit to show my joy. Again thank you so much! It makes me genuinely happy you like my work! And thank you to everyone else who enjoys my concepts!)

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  • loeuphorialoeuphoria Member Posts: 15

    They HAVE to use this one omg

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Very good concept work.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 498

    This contest is going to be brutal. There's already so much great work. I don't even like Feng but this looks absolutely incredible.

  • Petty_SausagePetty_Sausage Member Posts: 1

    This is literally amazing!

  • Condorloco_26Condorloco_26 Member Posts: 1,721

    Amazing. Looks like a winner!

    And I don't even play Feng Min.

  • CryllamaCryllama Member Posts: 2


    I would pay whatever I had to in order to get that skin, I love it!!!! ^^

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