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Healing Disabled. Might Need Devs to take a look at Healing...

Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 841

So in 2 of my matches yesterday on Xbox, I had a bug happen in SWF and in Normal Matchmaking.

When there is an injured survivor there is 1/4th chance that they wont be heal-able.

What I mean by this is every 1 out of maybe 20 Matches 1 out of 4 survivors if injured can't be healed by another Survivor. But, they can heal themselves.

The issue with this bug is, if there are not chests due to us looting them all and all of them were flashlights and toolboxes and that one injured survivor doesn't bring in Self Care or a Medkit that survivor is infinitely suck in the injured state.

I want to ask why this happened..? Do the Devs know about this issue..?


  • JusticeJustice Member Posts: 60

    Have experienced this same glitch. It is annoying. I just posted about it myself.

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 276

    It’s been happening for months, and nothing. It’s literally game breaking and very unfair to survivors.

  • AOWFAOWF Member Posts: 2

    Along with this healing glitch on Xbox is also the glitch that makes your character stop healing another character when you initially touch them.

    It's not as game breaking as the inability to be healed by other survivors but it is an annoyance when you have to start the healing process again within a second of initially beginning the process.

    I don't think the devs want the survivors healing each other :-)

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