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Live Q&A: Post your Year 4 questions here!



  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,953

    Is Haddonfield not on the radar to be reworked yet? The map is so imabalanced that most killers will instantly disconnect when they see it or remain AFK because it's that imbalanced in Survivor's favor in particular with Balanced Landing.

  • SulithSulith Member Posts: 5

    Are u planning too actually look into the killer lunge? Cause in Q&A on Youtube from august 30 you said that the topic of fixing the killer lunge was in the box as "unnesserary things".

  • ezraezra Member Posts: 4

    will you be changing how exit gates spawn? i cant tell you how many times the hatch has been closed on me and the gates were on the same wall or same corner. with end game collapse, it’s just not fair to the last survivor.

  • MartinoMartino Member Posts: 8

    Are player STATS coming somehow this year?

  • TheScarletPotionTheScarletPotion Member Posts: 44

    in relation too the battle pass will the cosmetics involved with the pass be exclusive for that battle pass only? and will you be able to unlock the cosmetics after the event in any other way or will we miss out forever?

  • OnyxOnyx Member Posts: 17

    The archive is supposed to offer BP rewards as well, are they substantial enough for the game to not feel as grindy as it currently does, or is that just the first step in a longer process of adjusting grind so it's not as harsh and obvious?

  • TheRealDweardTheRealDweard Member Posts: 148

    Will mobile version be free to play and how will buying dlcs work?

  • alexvoinalexvoin Member Posts: 1

    Are ghost face can be detected by detection perks while he in a stealth mod? And if yes will it going to drain his stealth mod?

  • AndRaxiusAndRaxius Member Posts: 10

    Can we expect any lore-based events to take place in conjunction with the upcoming Archive feature? The Hallowed Blight was really well put together and provided not only an insight into the workings of the Entity's realm, but also some of the coolest skins in the game.

  • TeapareTeapare Member Posts: 12

    Will we get some more information about Benedict Baker at the Archives?

  • PietroGostosaoPietroGostosao Member Posts: 4
    edited June 2019

    charm is just a cosmetic or is something will help us in the game, like a perk?

  • CookieDogCookieDog Member Posts: 7

    While in the realm of the entity, is there a possibly that there will be a sort of free roam lobby to socialize with your team while waiting?

  • InciteIncite Member Posts: 5

    Are there any plans on getting rid of aim-lock on killers?

    When the killer is too close to a survivor and hits M1 it aim-locks on to the survivor.

    Getting rid of the aim-lock would make it a tad harder for killers but at the same time give survivors a more fun experience imo. Survivor will also be able to 360 properly for once.

  • Liam2102Liam2102 Member Posts: 15

    Why did you decide to rework Springwood first ? i think there are other maps that need the rework more than Springwood.

    btw. I love the Year 4 Roadmap :) Expectations are high.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,152

    Because (if I'm not mistaken) the father death robes that Ghostface originally wears in his films is also a licensed product by fun world, will we ever see this as a wearable cosmetic in game?

  • NeonArrowNeonArrow Member Posts: 1

    Are you considering bringing back Legacy or adding a new variant of it?

  • EdonEdon Member Posts: 1

    Will you ever have add any Twitch Prime items?

  • BillSimmonsBillSimmons Member Posts: 48

    How set in stone is this year 4 roadmap?

    I understand that the switch and mobile releases are set as well as the new chapters etc.

    But will we possibly see a second map rework or dedicated servers before the expected dates?

  • CrashDangoCrashDango Member Posts: 1

    Do you have any idea of what price level we can expect the "battle pass" to cost?

  • AlunaAluna Member Posts: 66

    Will the Atchive explore The Killers back story more like The Survivors?

    I'm super excited for more lore and story. Thank you!!

  • CaeruleusCaeruleus Member Posts: 55

    Is Chapter 14 not going to have a new map?

  • JackikinsJackikins Member Posts: 56

    What were the other itterations/versions of the Freddy rework that didn't make the cut?

  • MikeyIshMikeyIsh Member Posts: 6

    I am a player who lost legacy prestige items back in 2017 due to progress reset bug, i would like to know when can i expect to get them back?

  • kaorakukaoraku Member Posts: 62

    Why there is no month marks on the roadmap at least? This roadmap is zero, nothing. Balancing marked on the whole year. Dedicated servers is 3rd of the roadmap. So it will be in live phase within 4 months? Party management will arrives at the start of chapter13? I hope you see what is my problem with it. It is nothing else, just a bunch of promisses.

  • agc8602agc8602 Member Posts: 3

    Are there any plans on updating or modifying the way the Struggle mechanic works?

    Playing with arthritis, it's the worst thing about the game to me.

  • Australian_SatanAustralian_Satan Member Posts: 12

    How can you purchase the battle pass? Will it be iridescent shards or auric cells or either?

  • ZombyKillrZombyKillr Member Posts: 4

    With the game growing tremendously (which is something I believe everyone is happy about), are there any plans to enable a cross-play between PC & Console? Many fear this will put Console players at a disadvantage, which is why it could be an optional feature. Console players can choose to either queue with only other Console players, or a mix. I have many friends that play this game on both PC and Console, and one thing I'm always asked by them is whether or not the game will ever allow us to play together.

    Thanks so much for everything you've done so far, this game has been a blast!

  • PigsterPigster Member Posts: 137
    edited June 2019

    Are you planning to change/adapt the pig to the egc? Her nerf wasn't necessary and for the endgame, its painful 😖

    Also are there any alternative good reworks to mettle of man? If mom just counts through protection hits, the farming would be become insane and as solo survivor its the hell🙈

  • SadonicShadowSadonicShadow Member Posts: 1,143

    When can we expect to see changes to address the ever increasing grind in the game?

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