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We've been made aware of error messages when attempting to purchase the Rift pass. The team is currently investigating, and we'll post an update as soon as we have more information.

UPDATE: This issue should no longer occur. Players who were affected may still be missing currency and/or unable to spend Auric Cells. We are working on a solution to resolve this and restore missing currency, and will update you as soon as possible.

PTB is disapointing (no much changes for maps , perks and killer)

Haven't seen macmillan changes yet but seen yamaoka one and i like it. windows of opportunity , unbreakable and streetwise buff is great. Territorial imperative is better at least more interresting in basement build.

Lightbringer change is awesome at least the tunneled players will get rewarded.

What PTB is lacking

  • reduce gens scattering on larger maps (crotus prenn , rotten fields , red forest)
  • No change for toolbox (repair speed increase slightly instead of moderate except grenn/purple) gen rush meta is getting unfun.
  • No change for weakest killers such as Clown , wraith , doctor.
  • No enough perks change (tinkerer , vigil , boil over , monstrous shrine) to name a few.
  • No sensitivity increase for controllers.

Is there dedicated servers on the PTB?

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