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Detection makes ghostface really weak?

My problem with ghostface is that detection is really strong against his power. You can basically get one survivor to follow him around all game to cancel out his power. Also it kind of sucks that any survivor can snap you out of your stalk ability even if its not the one your stalking.


  • Victor_hensleyVictor_hensley Member Posts: 800

    Yes, he is worse than new legion

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,592

    Yeah its super bad

    Ghost needs buffs more than any previous ptb killer :/

    Look at him for a second? Power turns off.

    June 18th Spine Chill/Object/Premonition use will spike. See them go off and flick your camera to remove Ghosts power completely.

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 5,069

    I love when I was have a right :D

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