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Ghost Face might be the only DLC I will not buy

Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,228

I can't stress enough how bad this killer is. His power is completely useless. There's no reason to ever stalk since it's that easy for survivors to force you out of it. The crouch ability is disorienting like Pigs without any of the added benefits and besides T-bagging the survivors, he essentially has nothing to work with.

You can't be a stealth killer. Your completely dependant on the survivors not using their camera to look around. Who actually thought this was a good counter?

You don't have anything to work with in a chase. You need to go into stealth mode to Expose the survivors and since that's so easily counter-able, you're not even going to use that more than once per game and that's if your lucky.

No pressure. It's very easy to for survivors to complete their generators against Ghost Face and, unlike Myers, The Ghost cannot force survivors to get off gens with his stalk.

He can't even track people with his power.

His perks aren't that good. His perks are completely outclassed by other perks, on killers that are far more balanced and fun. Even the base games perks, without any DLC, are better than what The Ghost currently has.

So what's the point of Ghost Face? As it stands right now, he just seem like pointless [BAD WORD].

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