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Ghostface rework/adjustment/pointing to break stealth

Basement_DwellerBasement_Dweller Member Posts: 1

Right now I got in several games as ghostface and vs ghostface as survivor, it’s way too easy to break his stealth, I caught a guy out the corner of my FoV and I barely even saw him. As ghostface I hardly ever got to stalk anything cuz I kept getting broke out of stealth outta nowhere, I have a few suggestions to help remedy this. Plus the sound you hear when he stalks you is like he grabbed a megaphone walked up to your ear and screamed “hey stupid! I’m right here”.

  1. Numbers Change- Make it take several seconds for survivors to break his stealth and in turn add a few seconds to the time it takes to reach max stalk for one shot.
  2. ”Rework”- I feel like it would be sick if survivors had to emote point at him to break stealth at a range of like 20m, I’m not a developer but all the assets are already there, maybe I’m wrong but I think that would be easy to change. Or make it where ghostface can’t build stalk charge vs survivors for 60 seconds if they point at him. I feel like that would be so fun for both sides, it won’t feel so penalizing to the killer but is still balanced so he isn’t op.
  3. Survivor perks- if he is in stealth people shouldn’t be able to use object of obsession, spine chill, and premonition. These perks destroy his stalking fantasy, they need to use their eyes, he is already weak if people run these perks vs him, he becomes totally useless.
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