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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Wtf Ptb!?!

So, was excited to try out the new killer today, got the ptb downloaded, spent my mil or so blood points on him and queued up. During this queue, I had time to watch a streamer sit in his lobby, then get to end game in his current game, when i finally got survivors in mine. Then someone crashed in loading. Rip. Another 15-20 min queue time and I get a game.

First impressions of ghost face were... not so good, but it was my first match so I'm not gonna say anything about him other than that just yet.

Decided I wanted to see things from survivor side against him (and i wasn't up for another long wait if I'm truly being honest.)So I queued up. It took about 5 min except I never actually made it to lobby. Infinite loading screen TO THE LOBBY! WTF! I would love to get in some time to test out ghostface, but I don't know if I can muster up the patience to deal with this getting one game an hour crap. Anyone else dealing with this? Maybe I should try to find some people to do kyf with or something as this is beyond annoying.

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