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Further Ghost Face thoughts

Ghost Face is an iconic killer and is a hell of a way to start off Year 4. He has been heavily requested since day one and it is brilliant to finally see him here.

We aren't upset that he has been added to the game. We all wanted him. His ability just does not do him justice. It does not install the kind of fear or paranoia that should happen when facing him. Like a Myers or a Pig.

When Myers is stalking someone, until he goes up a Tier, there is no notification. When the Pig crouches down, there is no notification that she has done so. The point I am making is that by adding a noise cue to state that he is stalking absolutely takes away his stealth. The biggest advantage that stealth killers have is that at the start of the match (unless you happen upon a Billy puppet), is that the survivors still have no idea who they are facing until you actually see them, hear Myers musical cue or see that another survivor now has a trap on their head.

Removing that musical cue that Ghost Face generates when he begins to stalk is absolutely detrimental going forward.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that when he does crouch, his terror radius should be at least significantly tighter. Like Myers Tier I but ideally, closer to The Pig. Unlike The Pig, Ghost Face doesn't do a long lunge/attack/whatever when he M1's from crouch. Its just a normal strike. He has not got a strike advantage their, so he wouldn't just be straight up stealing one of The Pig's abilities if you were to reduce the terror radius.

As I said in the beginning, Ghost Face is the iconic killer that every Dead By Daylight fan wanted. The character itself, is an excellent way to start off Year 4. If the ability though is anything to go by for future killers in the current layout of the roadmap going foward, I ask you this:

Why would I pay money for this content, when I already have killers that do parts of his ability better?

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