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Positive Aspects to Ghostface and Suggestion:

I like his lore a lot, is one of the best in my opinion. It manages to show very well the monstrous personality of this Ghostface is, highlighting the paranoia that the characters creates and how thrill and attention-seeker he really is. And I think that it manages to capture the spirit of the Ghostfaces of Scream thanks to that. His tendencies are also very similar to what some real life serial killers do and ac, so congratulations on that.

His design is also not bad, not as iconic as the original, but I think that it fits. I also like his crazy idle animation an I like hearing his music theme...when I go to youtube and listen to the theme there, because I can’t hear music in the ptb.

Mori is good, although having watched the leaked one, I prefer it with the telephone.

And finally, his powers seems fun on paper...so I really wish to be able to use in a match in the future. But really, here is the feedback, because the fact that such a bug manages to completely destroy the character shows that the power is a bit flawed. I think it is because of the concept of a survivor having control over your power: On the Plague, the survivor can only deny or give access to an upgrade form of her regular power, which she can use. And there is a disadvantage to not cleaning (even if you can argue that is not big enough), there is a punishment in exchange for that control.

There is no such thing with Ghostface, with one look, a survivor can take the power of the killer with no punishment whatsoever. So, here is my suggestion to, even after the bug is fixed, make the Ghostface more viable:

1ºExposing Ghostface creates a notification sound and the Killer knows that you are in a specific direction. This way, Ghostface still has some measure of control even when spotted and the survivor is not encouraged to [BAD WORD] with Ghostface. Hell, the loading screen for his power said that exposing Ghostface means that he could know where you are, but there have been many times in the ptb where I have lost my powers and have no idea where the survivor that exposed me is.

2ºGhostface shouldn’t lose his stealth abilities when spotted, because those should be part of his base and have access at any time. What he should lose is his stalk ability and perhaps have a longer cooldown on that, but I think that the black cloud and the sound should be enough of a warning for survivors.

And well, as many have already said, Ghostface should be immune to all detection perks when using his power.


  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    I was thinking the same thing with your #1, I saw that in the loading screen but knew it was bullshit. If a Survivor's location or just an arrow was shown to where that Survivor is would help out Ghostface a little bit because it's ridiculous that someone who is stealthy can be spotted and not know where that person is, you're a stalker and you got stalked, embarrasing.

    I'd like to point out that you can stalk Survivors from a distance and not been seen or ever made aware of your presence until it's too late and still be countered, as Michael Myers. He and Ghost can be stealthy and stalk but only Ghost can be kicked out of stealth and stalk and his Stalk is weaker than Michael's in time and number of Survivors so why does Ghost have this handicap as well as have the noise he emits?

    You know what's also ridiculous? There's no skill in Ghostface. Michael takes skill in not being seen so you can tier up but he isn't punished for being seen. Nurse takes skill, Spirit takes skill, Billy's chainsaw takes skill but Ghostface does not. How can players get good as a Killer that is inherently simple in everything? Even someone as simple as Leatherface takes some degree of skill because you need to know the distance you are from the Survivor before you charge your saw or you'll never get them. Ghostface's handicap takes out any possible skill.

  • HeronHQHeronHQ Member Posts: 13

    To #1: You're getting VERY subtle white markers pointing into the direction of where you're spotted, sometimes at least. And if they are there, they're extremely easy to miss, because they're placed a little bit odd.

    You can see me realizing them the second time in this clip (with german voiceover):

    I'm not quite sure if I repeatedly missed them or if they occur just under special circumstances, if for example the survivor is far enough away, or they are buggy right now. But those tells actually exist.

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