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Ghost Face is terrible.

Honestly, everyone knows this. Personally I have 2 fixes:

  • Remove the sound when you enter stealth. - This is terrible. It's best to keep it scary instead of being like: "Welp time to look around constantly."
  • Remove or Lower base detection range - This makes him terrible. When you look at Myers, he isnt forced out of Tier 1. This lets him have a viable stealth option, but with Ghost Face, who's main power is literally stealth, the survivor being able to counter that by looking at him for a second is stupid.


  • GhostrickSpecterGhostrickSpecter Member Posts: 460

    they should increase the timer of survivors for breaking his stealth a bit longer, like 1.5~1.8 seconds, cuz god damn it, it always gone when I almost marked someone...

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,487

    Give survivors a red stain cone for detecting him and ghostface can only see it while in stealth. His whole power is ruined by having the visual counter tied to the camera frame, its just to much area and breaks it even when the survivor themselves can't see the killer.

  • boogieman976boogieman976 Member Posts: 25
    edited June 2019

    Sound alert to let survivors know he is near needs to go.

    Terror radius and stain should always disappear when crouched.

    Survivors should not be able to cancel his power at all.

    Then, you might have a mid-tier killer.

    There is no fear of him becoming OP. It would be best for the devs to at least try releasing a strong killer and then modify if needed than to release a useless killer and try to make up for it later. Once people have heard a killer sucks, many less will buy it and it will be a lot harder to convince them to give up their money later.

    I've never seen a community as disappointed as today. Please, BHVR, buff the hell out of this guy, we all deserve some fun.

  • TheGhostofZgorTheGhostofZgor Member Posts: 87

    I had one solid round, out of about 5 or 6, as him where, apart from a DC, I got everybody and his power was actually effective...However I feel like it was because of the map (Léry's) lots of places to hide, lots of clutter.

    Dude. needs. work.

  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    Or better yet, just remove that whole foolish aspect altogether.

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