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Fix Survivors getting very little Bloodpoints after being Camped on hook in a match

Borrowed time can only do so much against killers who camp, and survivors come out of matches with 5,000 or less bloodpoints. The whole situation just makes the game unfair, and toxic. Survivors should be given distraction points if they are on hook and within the Killers terror radius for a certain amount of time, and possibly slow down the hook progression meter if the Killer is nearby and the exit gates are not powered. This would be a nice way to try and steer Killers away from camping before the exit gates are powered.


  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,930

    I think points for distraction would be an amazing addition. It would reduce toxicity a lot. The burn from basically getting killed off with no chance, would be much less. I sont see why not to add this.

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