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Ghostface change suggestions

1. Slightly increase the timer to spot Ghostface

2. Make it so you Can only spot Ghostface if you aren't doing a action (repairing, healing, opening, searching, cleansing) to be sure that the player actually saw them.

3. Fix Ghostfaces stalking (can't stalk through corn but can be spotted, can see survivor but can't stalk but can be spotted, very difficult to stalk while crouched thanks to grass).

4. Increase the exposed timer (currently very hard to hit a semi-decent survivor before timer runs out unless stalking very close to them

5. Decrease base survivor stalk depletion rate

6. (Either this buff or #2) character has to be facing Ghostface to spot him, another idea for this is weird but might work and that is to have to point at him

Give me feedback, which of these should be added or maybe even all of them.

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