Casual, sensible PS4 players?

BigFudgeBigFudge Member Posts: 86
Hey guys, Decent player looking for people to play SWF with, I’d like to think I’m better than average but not amazing!!
Absolutely love the game and play solo most days. would be nice to squad up with players who don’t sandbag, troll, etc. :) add me if you want.

gamertag- MattGAlexander

 Cheers!! 😁


  • greivous654321greivous654321 Member Posts: 19
    You can add me

    Gamertag - greivous654321
  • deathdoer1deathdoer1 Member Posts: 77
    You can add me - deathdoer1

    im pretty good. Not the best and still have things to learn but not gonna be useless lol

  • BigFudgeBigFudge Member Posts: 86
    Both added, cheers 👍🏻
  • ThottieLottieLynThottieLottieLyn Member Posts: 4

    Added you.

  • N3gativeCr33pN3gativeCr33p Member Posts: 29

    I'm also better than average but not amazing... always a team player... and I mainly play just for laughs with friends. I apologize in advance if I don't accept a game invite immediately... chances are, I'm playing a round as killer and ultra immersed. LuL


  • killersmurf239killersmurf239 Member Posts: 2
    Yeooo you can add me too psn is my username 

  • jojusjojus Member Posts: 1

    hello. just started playing the game and I was hoping to find people to play with. may psn is jous_sp :)

  • alejandromangalejandromang Member Posts: 1
    Skkrrippzz, I send feet pics and main huntress, let me love you.
  • G2XDG2XD Member Posts: 3
    Look, i don't really tryhard playing as survivor (if you're looking for a survivor), because i had a lot of camper killers and now i play more to sabotage hooks and help with generators that are on the opposite side from the killer. 
    Ps: my english is not the best but i try :(
    Psn: Gabriel Wenceslau
  • RenAndStimpakRenAndStimpak Member Posts: 5
    Hi, I started playing obsessively a few days ago and looking for peeps to SWF with! I'm also more of a sabotage survivor and like to be stealthy for the most part, but been getting a little more bold lately :)
    Psn is gojiramusume
  • S1RS1DS1RS1D Member Posts: 4
    Sent invite it you still check this 
  • SariefSarief Member Posts: 543

    hi, can you play on ps4 with voicecomms? o_O

  • c0nr4dc0nr4d Member Posts: 8

    it depends on who has control.....drunk me VS sober me


  • N3gativeCr33pN3gativeCr33p Member Posts: 29

    @Sarief said:
    hi, can you play on ps4 with voicecomms? o_O

    Yeah... via the PS4 party chat.

  • RockinRobbo22RockinRobbo22 Member Posts: 7

    I'd be more than happy to try and survive with any of you. I'm decent but play mostly to have a laugh with some friends. PSN is RockinRobbo22

  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    If your looking for a survivor that fixes gens and will break as many hooks as he can ad me username is my psn name also one rule if we split and one of us is being chased by killer dont loop back to gen we was working on whoevers not being chased can work on it
  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 569
  • BigFudgeBigFudge Member Posts: 86
    Sorry haven’t checked this forum for a little while, will add everyone today! Cheers, see you in the fog 🙌🏻
  • hotrock1402hotrock1402 Member Posts: 1

    Hi all... I'm new to the game and have mainly been playing as The Pig. Only gave Survivor a few goes. Wouldn't say I'm good, but I sure ain't terrible. User name : hotrock1402 if anyone is interested.

  • TheDivitumTheDivitum Member Posts: 1

    Hey guys! Please feel free to add me as well, I am a decent player and I enjoy the game a lot!

    PSN: TheDivitum (my username)

  • SkakezSkakez Member Posts: 1
    Hi! Feel free to add me and inv to SWF. Psn Skakez
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