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PTB needs to reset all ranks and perks

Starting ptb ghostface with 1 perk and nothing else against rank 1's running 4 purple perks a person and everything is brutal. Im not even going to continue playing because the games are so unfair ive been literally looped for multiple games in a row and the power is almost impossible to get off when all the survivors have to do is look at you. Ill wait for the dlc to drop on console to play again. The PTB has literally ruined playing on pc for me the survivors are worse than killers on any platform and its just ridiculous. I got called trash my first game with ghostface again with 2 level 1 perks and nothing else after everyone escaped. Thanks i think ill pass the 15 - 20 minute wait to play a game as ghostface doesnt help either no survivor in this chapter?? Why cause we got ash in between chapters? Sidney was literally begging to be made and was instead left on the cutting room floor. It's too bad i was really excited for this chapter im a survivor main and had alot of high hopes for sidney.

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