Just fought the worst lagswitcher ever

MochanMochan Member Posts: 816

This guy had perfect ping in the lobby. The moment the game starts people drop like flies, or more accurately, they don't even drop at all, they are just insta-down. Against a HAG. This hag didn't even bother leaving traps. Why bother?

When she chases you you rubber band like crazy walking down an endless corridor, then the next thing you know you're on her shoulder. No down, no hit, you're just being carried off to the hook. This happens over and over and was so funny at one point three of us were being carried and hooked at the same time (this screenshot kind of describes it but I failed to capture the moment, my bad).

I did my part to report this sad excuse for a player, BHVR needs to clamp down on them harder. I don't mind losing but this just ruined my day.


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