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Simple proposition to fix Plague

As many of us know, the Plague isn't exactly great, and many people ignore infection for prolonged periods of time without much penalty. It shouldn't be that way, the whole point of the infection is to penalize people who don't cure themselves and make it a difficult decision between being infected and giving the Plague access to Corrupt Purge, currently that decision is far too easy.

I have a simple solution for this: Add another infection stage

Once a survivor reaches the broken state, they should begin to progress toward the next stage, however this one should take a bit longer than the first one and puking on the survivor should have less effect on the progress (but still some)

Once the survivor reaches the next stage, they are in extreme sickness and are physically debilitated. They incur a 10% Hindered effect (move 10% slower) and a 30% action speed penalty to all actions like repairing, healing, vaulting, etc. And they are also constantly exhausted. If they cure themselves from this state they are not fully healed, they only get rid of the infection. (percentages up for debate)

Boom! Plague is fixed. Okay maybe not 100% fixed but this would fix the main problem of people not cleansing and infection not helping as much as it should in a chase. Of course this is only brainstorming and just an opinion so everything is up for debate, if you disagree please do so calmly

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