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We're making some changes thanks to the feedback received from the PTB. For more details, click here.


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=========================== WE HAVE TO FIX GHOSTFACE! =============================== ======================================================================================

So I spent most of the day on PTB playing and playing against the new Ghostface. As a long time fan of the slasher I am planning to buy him the moment he hits live. Unfortunately Ghostface in his current state does not do the iconic killer justice and is very frustrating to play. Ghostface should do what Mikey does but as a sneaky stealthy stabby boi. When someone plays Ghostface it should feel like a menacing game of hide and seek. Going against Ghostface should be filled with paranoia that the killer could be anywhere, he might already be close by. In his current state Ghostface is not capable of fulfilling the ambush/slasher fantasy or function effectively. I will list the glaring flaws and bugs I have found on the PTB and propose some fixes and hope the devs are reading. So many people are excited and he just has to be changed. In concept he is awesome, in practice he just doesn't work. I am so disappointed this is even on PTB in this state. Fix him like you fixed Spirit.


======================== THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. ============================ ======================================================================================

  • Ghostface has a lot of mind game potential with his crouch. I am also very satisfied with the ability to tea-bag which is just so much fun. The ability to disappear at a loop by crouching can really disorient survivors.
  • Going back to his crouch he is very good at planning ahead and setting ambushes especially if the pilot knows how to track survivors. I have found that chasing them off a gen then hiding out or getting to higher ground is a fun way to stalk.
  • Having the ability to toggle his terror radius on and off can open up mind games about his exact whereabouts. You can potentially choose when to reveal the terror radius and make survivors think you are near them when you are actually headed elsewhere.
  • His blackness makes him blend into some environments (especially tall grass) like a Claudette. Blendettes shall now know the pain they inflict.
  • His uncloak reveals what direction he was spotted from. Like a mini spine chill for a killer. Unsure if this is intended but it brings some depth to his stealth mechanic and I rather like it.
  • He is fast and even in crouch the movement feels right for the killer.
  • His core animations are very nice. The stab and the Mori are just amazing. The wispy threads on his suit are a nice touch and a cool way to possibly spot him.
  • Amazing backstory! Really captures a killer that didn't have a lot of material to work with story wise.
  • The lean activation feels kinda clunky. It doesn't display immediately when he has the ability to lean.
  • The lean activation does not work on some windows and sometimes doesn't work on certain walls and fences.
  • The stealth mode does not end when hit by a pallet. Wasn't it supposed to end when they saw me?
  • Sometimes when you are looking directly at Ghostface he is able to mark you. This is a consistent problem.
  • Ghost face cannot stalk in tall grass basically at all. Corn lets him stalk sometimes. Yet the survivor can somehow see him when he cannot use stalk? If a survivor cannot see him and he can not see them, they should not be able to spot you so easily. Concealment/Cover need to be considered when defining if he is spotted.
  • Also when he is stalking he can see the hair models of survivors through walls?? I have not tested this with lockers yet. Also have not tested this on other killers this could be a Ghostface specific bug or something general.
-The Ugly-
  • What is the point of stalking and exposing survivors if the moment their camera registers him Ghostface loses his ability in its entirety. Even the excuse that it is bugged and its supposed to take 1 second is absurd. 1 second is the same as immediate. It takes 4 seconds to expose them and 1 second to completely disable the reason hes stalking you in the first place. The register time needs to be higher or the time required to stalk needs to be lower. Unsure how to fix this but exposing survivors is virtually impossible. Several content creators have been unable to get this off at all. Nothing stops the survivor from just flicking the camera around and not actually noticing him. This should feel like "I found Waldo! Now he can't gut me like a fish."
  • Ghostface cannot store stalk on survivors at all. This is a core part of what makes Mikey strong and menacing, it punishes survivors for letting him stalk. If the stalk stayed on each individual survivor it would make stalking worth it. That white stalk bar depletes and flushes away any stalk you spent time getting. What is the point of stalking if they autodetect you and the stalk you do get drains? Fixing this and the "detection bug" could make him reasonably good. You could even consider making the death mark timer shorter to compensate. Or even instead of a constant depletion rate have a percentage of depletion. A chunk of stalk is lost instead of all of it. Then have certain add ons make that chunk lost larger or smaller.
  • Ghostface makes too many sounds. This wooshing sound is GLOBAL and makes him super noticeable. Make this thing within a radius and directional or something. Ghostface should not make ANY sounds. If spotting him is his counterplay then stick to that. TOO MUCH COUNTERPLAY. Don't give GLOBAL warnings. All of his sounds should be muffled if not silent. Going through grass, opening lockers, stabbing a wall SILENCE. He is in stealth mode not flapping his wings really loud like somekind of handicapped bird letting everyone know where he is. He cannot sneak for [BAD WORD].
  • Being detected by any survivor disables his power. So lets follow ghostface around and never let him stalk anything. Yes his mini spine chill helps with this but that is not obvious enough to stop him from being followed around. Should survivors be able to stalk the stalker? Either make the marking/detecting him individual to the person looking at him or give him something to aid in outright detecting survivors hell bent on continually breaking his stealth. Ghostface should be doing the stalking not the damn Claudettes.
  • His ability is too hard to use in its current state.

=========================================================================================================================== Add Ons ======================================== ======================================================================================

-Add Ons-

Outdoor Security Camera: This would be so amazing if Marking and downing people was actually possible.

Ghost Face Caught On Tape / Stalk Rate: Kinda cool but you cannot stalk when you are auto detected. You also don't keep stalk on each individual survivor. So why bother with stalk speed.

Driver's License/ Detection Rate: Range of detection doesn't matter if they instantly detect you. Even if it takes 1 second to detect him this would not matter. Its not even noticeable in his current state.

Drop Leg Knife Sheath/Movespeed: Movespeed when crouched is good.

Night Vision Monocular/Depletion and Stalk Rate: Stalk Rate doesn't matter, Depletion is way to fast at base for this increase to do much. Would be amazing if storing stalk meant anything.

Chewed Pen / Charge Rate: His ability being up doesn't much matter when he can't even effectively use his damn ability.

Knife Belt Clip/ Status Effects: These are always good.

Olsens Wallet/Movespeed: Movespeed while stalking is interesting and could lead to some cool ambush strats. I like it.

Philly/ Generator Refill: Even if you fixed his power this would not be good. This is a pathetic excuse for an add on. Make it red and have it expose everyone when a gen is done. Make the exposure time deplete faster than normal. Its his camera WHY IS IT BROWN!

========================================================================================================================== Closing Statement =================================

My final thoughts on Ghostface are riddled with disappointment as both a fan of Behavior and as a consumer. This is not what the community wanted. Ghostface was the next chance to create something as mechanically consistent and widely loved as Myers but this is a joke of a design and feels as if it was rushed onto the PTB before it was ready. Behavior you are not Riot Games! You are only 3 years old and you have a lot to learn about developing and maintaining a game, especially when it comes to presenting your product. Stop rushing content when it isn't ready. I understand this is a hard gig from both the business and programming stand point. We are all very proud of how much you have grown and how awesome your work is as a whole is. This is an amazing game.

But you need to deliver quality content first and foremost and this does not cut it. You have time for all this other nonsense but you can't release Ghostface in a playable state? How could you expect anyone to buy this? Even if its just a bug, Ghostface might as well not even have a power with how hard it is to actually mark them. The community has asked for this killer since the beginning. Passable is not the goal you should be aiming for. Nobody expects perfection, but Ghostfaces power not working on first day of the PTB is not even average level quality. We all know you care about the community and love this game as much as we do.

Now give us the Ghostface we have been asking for for all these years, because Dead by Daylight is our favorite scary movie.


  • ObsessionKateObsessionKate Member Posts: 5

    This post is everything. I really hope the devs see it.

  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 964

    As a fan of slasher thought one of bads would be that he is bootleg of scream brand.They had this license confirmed for close to a year. It annoys me they didn't get 2nd license to make character complete so they shove this dlc out. Why sit on it for so long if releasing it this way and why give us legion.

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 103

    Well put together and absolutely accurate from what I've seen. Hopefully the devs can read this and take the constructive criticism to heart to release Ghost Face that the community will love and that it deserves!

  • ThePaleKing_ThePaleKing_ Member Posts: 67

    Thanks for the all the positive feedback on the post guys. I am probably going to put out some more posts on things other than Ghostface here really soon. They still have 11 days to fix him. As much as I might come down on Behavior for rushing him, I do believe they can fix him. I personally cannot wait to see him after they do. I am too bug of a fan of scream to not buy him.

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 1,143

    Lol I'll be getting him for his perk so I can run the month and half op see everything freddy

  • ThePaleKing_ThePaleKing_ Member Posts: 67

    Freddy deserves to be OP.

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,302

    Wheres the devs when you need them to read this master piece

  • ThePaleKing_ThePaleKing_ Member Posts: 67

    ===================================================================================================================== Just an Update ====================================

    For anybody still following this article. I have some amazing news. The devs fixed ghostface. I am actually very happy with the changes. They listened to the community. I doubt they read my articles but most of what I wanted actually happened. I am actually very proud of Behavior. The second coming of Daddy Myers is upon us bois. I cannot wait to play Happyface.

    The Ghost Face Misc

    • The Ghost Face crouching movement speed increased to 3.6 m/s from 3.45 m/s.
    • Tweaked the detection zone for The Ghost Face while he is crouching. It is now more consistent with the top of his head, making him slightly harder to reveal when crouched.
    • Scoring events: Marking a Survivor increased from 250 to 500. Hitting a Marked Survivor increased from 250 to 500.

    The Ghost Face Night Shroud

    • The Red Stain is no longer emitted while Night Shroud is active, regardless of being crouched or not.
    • Cooldown of Night Shroud increased to 30 seconds from 20 seconds.

     The Ghost Face Stalking

    • Stalk progress required to Mark a Survivor increased to 5 seconds from 4 seconds.
    • Stalk progress no longer regresses if the Survivor is not fully marked. The Killer loses stalk progress on a Survivor only when they are Marked, hit, or downed.
    • The duration of a Survivor being Marked increased to 45 seconds from 20 seconds.
    • Added a maximum stalking range of 40 meters.

    The Ghost Face Reveal

    • Detection zone for revealing The Killer has been adjusted to focus on a more central area of the screen.
    • Increased the amount of The Killer visible to a Survivor to initiate the reveal phase to 20% from 10%.
    • Adjusted off-screen indicator UI to be displayed for the entire duration of the reveal phase.
    • Increased the amount of time required to complete the reveal phase to 1.5 seconds (+0.3 second buffer) from 1 second.
    • Added a small buffer between a Survivor initiating the reveal phase and breaking line of sight momentarily. The Survivor will not lose their reveal progression during that buffer time.
    • Completion of the reveal phase will now display the Killer Instinct indicator on the Survivor that completed the reveal for 1.5 seconds (only seen by Killer).
    • Completion of the reveal phase will flash a white fill effect over Ghost Face to highlight him to The Survivor that revealed him (only seen by Survivor).

     The Ghost Face Audio

    • Removed activation sound notifying Survivors that Night Shroud has been activated.
    • Reduced radius of audio emitted by The Ghost Face while Night Shroud is active to 8 meters from 16 meters.
    • Added a ‘reveal’ sound effect for both Killer and Survivors while in the reveal phase.

     The Ghost Face Add-ons

    • Several add-ons have been adjusted and modified: Philly, Marked Map, Lasting Perfume, Leather Knife Sheath, Knife Belt Clip, Night Vision Monocular, Victim’s Detailed Routine, Drop-Leg Knife Sheath.

    *DEV NOTE: We received a lot of feedback from the initial reaction to Ghost Face. Despite being a predominantly stealth Killer, he suffered from an inability to remain in stealth mode for very long due to some touchy detection mechanics that would cause Survivors to unintentionally break him out of his power. On top of this, some last minute sound changes made his approach much louder than we originally intended, defeating the purpose of his stealth abilities. We have addressed a lot of the concerns we received as feedback from the initial PTB: removing and adjusting sound cues, tightening up reveal mechanics to make it a much more engaging mechanic, and providing feedback while Ghost Face is in the process of being revealed to give him the opportunity to respond. Additionally, there is now a trade-off when a Survivor successfully reveals Ghost Face. Their location is indicated by Killer Instinct, as seen previously in The Legion's power, Feral Frenzy. This indicator only lasts for a very brief moment, so don't forget to look for it if you want to take advantage of finding the Survivor that spotted you first! We hope you enjoy this update to Ghost Face.

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