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How to fix ghostface and make him fun to play against

It’s obvious that just looking at ghostface and him losing his power isn’t going to work. So here’s how to make him stronger and make the survivors have to think and work to play against him. Pointing at him is too unreliable, and I think it’s a missed opportunity, given the scream lore wouldn’t it make more sense to take a picture of him? My proposal is to leave cameras around the map, or phones, and have a limited amount of film/storage, so each can only be used, say, 3 times, this makes them have to use it strategically, but also gives a definite way to keep themselves or others safe.

Please let me know your thoughts or tweaks to this idea.


  • M1ghtyM4xM1ghtyM4x Member Posts: 85

    i like it. good ideas

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,921

    This isn't the "Scream" killer, it's an "original" killer based on the costume that the Scream killer is based on to avoid paying more for licensing that JUST HAPPENS to have the exact same backstory as one of the versions of the Scream Ghostface. (The TV series story.)

    That said taking pics would still work for a journalist.

  • cobaltsteel5900cobaltsteel5900 Member Posts: 7

    Ultimately my suggesting is less about lore and more about gameplay ideas and ways to make the game fresh and make survivors have to think about hindering the killer and doing so strategically as they only get to do so, so many times.

    If it it fits the lore, great, I just feel like it’s a lot better than pointing at him.

  • TeapareTeapare Member Posts: 12
    edited June 2019

    I think that The Night Shroud should give him immunity to all detection perks. I also think that his power should be canceled when in the chase, instead of just looking at him because survivors sometimes don't even see him, they just look somewhere in his direction and that counts as detection. If they needed to run in order to cancel his power, then they would run as soon as they detect the Ghostface, right? So the Ghostface would know that he's actually detected. Also, in his backstory, the victims reported that someone was watching them before they died which means that the Ghostface shouldn't be so sneaky that the survivors can't find him. Other solution is to add some sort of immunity to detection for few seconds when he uses his ability so he'd have time to walk away and increase the time needed to detect him.

  • tariousxtariousx Member Posts: 156

    Overall I like the idea of how he works, it seems like it COULD be fun and very interesting even effective, but he desperately needs immunity from detection perks during shroud and needs to have his detection windows increased substantially. Also the ability for survivors to be able to see him due to 3rd person camera when they are not visible to him is a big issue.

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