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Ghostface is a joke and the Devs kidding us

This upcoming DLC is a Joke.

Not only he is a recycled Killer, a mix of Myers and Pig but worse! Because you can't even use the power, you really can't test it in the PTB because the Survivors deny always his power, how we can test it? Also the is a perk "Object of Obsession" which can counter Ghostface 100%.

His Perk are useless, really situational:

-I'm All Ears: useless cus you see the aura outside the TR only if the Surivivor makes noise.... and Survivor makes noise only in chase so within TR! And it has a CD lol.

-Thrilling Tremors: Nice idea but sadly is useless, the problem is: has 16 cd (is too low) and has a CD of 60 sec! I think is better BBQ .

-Furtive Chase: is horrible, lowering TR is nice but not in a chase lol! Also if the obsession dies you lose all the tokens----> I mean it could be a nice balance if it can lower you TR outside the chase!

We know this is a PTB and they will change, but this is a [BAD WORD] joke! Because we can't even test him and playing like he hasn't a power. How we can test this Killer if we can't use his power? If you realease a killer in PTB make him playable and testable (that could be op or not op). It seems like this Killer never get test before lol!

We waited Ghostface to see this Joke, thx Dev you show how much you love your players.


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