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Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,302

hes sooo weak and hes just another m1 killer and hes power its useless so heres my idea to make him better

1.- get rid off the noise when he goes to stealth mode it gives away hes power and stealth he needs to be a stealth killer

2.- make hes breath less not so deep like wtf i can hear him near, hes clothes makes some woosh thing get that out

3.-hes power now my idea its simple if the survivor see him he will slow down hes ability wont run out but hes movement speed will be reduced now survivor character needs to see directly to him without moving the camera its just bad that camera its just destroy him (similar way myers when he stalk)

4.-when someone its expose status effect he gest a buff of movement speed similar than myers

5.- now all the maps that have corns its just bad since he can be destroyed in those maps so the idea its make him enable to stalk if youre in the corn makes me more stealth and also makes the survivor focus to look around

(sorry for my english if you dont understand)


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