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Possible solution for Ghostface

So we all know that survivors can cancel the power way too easily and most of the time they don't really see Ghostface, but the game thinks they do.

If we want to make sure that survivors see him, his power should be cancelled ONLY if survivors stop doing whatever they are doing. So you're working on a generator and you can clearly see Ghostface leaning around the corner. You stop working on the gen and this is the time when his power should end.

And I also feel like he needs some more work, because it takes like 2-3 seconds to fully rotate your camera as a survivor, so basically there is no way to stalk someone enough to make them exposed unless they are low ranks.

I don't really see a reason to pick him over Myers, because Myers can stalk survivors even when they can see him and it gives the exposed status effect to everyone and it lasts 3 times longer. Ghostface can stalk a little bit easier thanks to his crouch ability and he can sometimes hide his red stain in a chase if the power is ready, but that's about it. Not to mention that his stalking is useless on some maps.

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