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Ghost Face Buff Idea

FabFab Member Posts: 470

Okay. Ghost Face is laughably bad. But... there is a way to make his stealth a tad bit better. In the new Hitman games, if an enforcer has you in their line of sight, a white notification appears on the screen pointing in the direction where they are, and static sounds begin to play louder and louder. A similar method can be used to help alert Ghost Face that someone has eyes on him, before his power is lost. Increase the look time from ~1 second, to ~3 seconds. (Survivors must have their character model facing you.) + Allow the Killer to be able to stalk through grass/corn. (This QOL change also affects Myers.)



  • GroxiverdeGroxiverde Member Posts: 407

    You got this idea from tru3? Anyway I really like this and it would be a very fun mechanic !!

  • FabFab Member Posts: 470

    ? Actually no. I just play a lot of Hitman and thought this mechanic would work.

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 9

    this is real cute

  • SomeissuesSomeissues Member Posts: 1,361
    edited June 5

    If they released him with 1 second to cancel ability i can 100% for certain Ghost will come with mostly negative reviews on steam

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 3,615
    edited June 5

    He needs a lot.

    This is a good start but he needs more still. The sound going into his stealth needs to be gone. The noise his wraps make while moving around needs to be gone. While Night Shroud is active he needs to be immune to perks like OoO, Spine Chill and Premonition. The Exposed effect needs to last much longer.

    Even with all those changes I still don't know if he'd be rank 1 viable since he doesn't counter pallet looping which renders almost all this just null.

    All 3 of his perks also need substantial buffs to even be considered.

    It's tough to try and get Ghostface to viable simply because the way the maps are designed just doesn't make "stealth" killers viable. They just don't work in this games current design. You'd have to almost over buff them to make them work. You see this applied to someone like Billy. Billy doesn't counter looping but he's still rank 1 viable simply because he's practically over buffed in every other category possible to compensate.

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