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Third person view for Ghostfeces

What I propose wouldn't fix this killer, the other issues that PTB players flood the forum with also need to be addressed (ridiculously short time required to cancel his stalk, sound notification f***ing him up, etc). But. My main concern about any new killer is how unique gameplay he offers. This sad creature does not offer any. So here's what I would want: third person view. Some time ago the general idea came up, but I didn't see this suggested anywhere about him, even though it would be a great change and would fit the killer design. He's basically another weak M1 killer, and really don't think he simply needs to be buffed the crudest way, like tweaking the numbers of his powers. But 3rd person view could give him an interesting edge, while forcing survivors to adjust their behaviour and count for a different field of view from any other killer.

What do you all think?

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