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Thoughts on hair models rework

atli_furryatli_furry Member Posts: 6


Overall thoughts

Although it might need some tweaks, in my opinion this is a really good change. It adds a nice touch to the game.


nea hair models

First model that gets a change in this PTB is the green hair Dark and Light. The new model looks a bit worse than the original one but it's not that bad.

Second set of models that are changed are side-shaves Black Cap White Cap, Black Cat Side-Shave and Lobsters and Pineapples. These didn't have any physics before and I think they look a lot better.

Feng hair models

Feng has only one set of long hair models. Those are Electro Highlights, Long Black and Toxic Brown. Their change doesn't look appealing too much but overall I think it's bearable.

Claudette Hair models

A set of Claudette's hair models is also getting changed - Wild Violet Waves, Burgundy Waves, Glorious Black Waves. They look terrible but if they were bigger like original ones they would be really dope!

Kate hair models

Caribou Beanie Hat, Morning Daze Shades, Dainty Curls, Debut Night Curls and Default hair all got a rework. Though they didn't change much, they look better now.

Meg hair model

Meg's Carnie Long Locks had an incredible rework. They look amazing and I don't feel like I need to comment this one.

small "back hair tuft" changes

For all the long hair that have a back hair tuft they changed a small thing. It doesn't really move. It looks a bit weird in certain circumstances. Let's say you move your camera to the left so does your head in-game. Back hair tuft doesn't move and it makes the hair look bad.


  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,024

    Loving that Feng's bangs are actually bangs now, ty for the reference pictures I had only seen a few of these in streams and I'm glad that someone showed all of them :)

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