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Locker Issues

So I was Playing ghostface on the ptb. First time playing as him. I believe Father Campbell's chapel map on a long and short wall joined by a pallet with a hook and the locker. (Sorry really bad at describing)

I couldn't find this glitch reported already so here it is.

Unfortunately the screenshot I took is awful and doesn't display the issue.

Basically the survivors were ending up getting stuck in a locker. I think it might be due to performing a rushed action into a locker. I dont know how they did it because they left afterwards. I could not open the locker and they could not exit the locker. They could perform action inside it as well (Like healing).

Interestingly it looked as if they were behind the locker not inside it because once one survivor was glitched the locker could be opened again. I ended up with all 4 survivors getting trapped in there.

Only reason I knew they were there still was because of the usual crows and their bodies clipping through the locker.

If this is the ghostface's hidden power, the ability to trap survivors in lockers. I think it would be a bit annoying.

Sorry for lack of information.

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