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End Game Collapse Bug

lil_sneklil_snek Member Posts: 1

Recently, I was playing with a friend, and I stumbled across this bug. The bug that I found was when I was in the dying state, in the exit, and when the end game collapse meter ran out, I didn't die, but I was stuck and could not move. Now, this Leatherface did have bloodwarden, so I don't know if this had something to do with the bug, but it might have. Strangely enough, I kept a purple flashlight when the killer disconnected?


  • RaglarRaglar Member Posts: 3

    this issue happens A LOT when I play Oni for some reason, the last survivor gets bugged, crows appear, he can't move, I can't pick him up and the end game collapse timer finishes but the match doesn't end, once I had to wait like an hour for the match to be closed automatically, I'm guessing the server has a max timer for matches.

    I don't play blood warden on my Oni so I think it's safe to discard that perk as the root of the issue.

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