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We are aware and looking into the issue which caused players to have their rank reset further than intended. If your rank was not reset at all this month, this is a visual bug and closing and re-opening the game should fix it.
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The two steps necessary to fix Ghostface

  1. Make it so the survivor has to emote in the killer's direction to break him out of stealth, so people can't just abuse the 3rd person view by just flailing the camera around like a madman
  2. Make it so his loud-ass cloak wooshing when supposed to be getting close to a Survivor until it's too late is only audible by Survivors that are marked; that or make the cloak sound discreet in terms of volume or producing the sound at random so that Survivors have to stay on the lookout and not just react to Ghostface approaching like they would a Huntress with her lullaby.

Everything else is A1, great potential for a killer that could actually be fun to play and bring back some horror into the game.

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