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Has anyone noticed that DBD no longer shuts down?

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

I noticed this happening with the recent patch, not sure if it's just my computer/install or if it's a more widespread problem. But basically, after I exit the game (normally, not by Task Manager crashing it when infinite load screens occur) the EAC and DBD executable are still running in memory.

If I try to run the game again, it will have an error and tell me the game is still running (it's not, but the EAC and exe trace are still in the task manager). Also, you'll see in Steam that the game is still running. I put my computer to sleep last night, when I went to play again this morning I got the error because DBD was still running.

Fix is easy, just open task manager and force close both processes, but it's annoying that it happens.

Anyone else have this problem?


  • VexonVexon Member Posts: 59

    i think it happens when you close the game too fast, but i havent tested it enough yet. I tried slowly backing out of the menu, waiting for it to pan to the killer, then exiting the game and it worked, but i dunno if its bulletproof yet. ill do more testing tomorrow and get back to you, or you can try it yourself.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 966

    Closest I get is killing it with task manager but steam still reports it's running.

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