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[June 6th, 2019] | LIVESTREAM: Year 4/PTB Q&A - NOTES

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not_Queen - Lead Community Manager

Philippe Ivanovic - Art Director

Stefan Horvath - Game Designer

News & Announcements

  • REMINDER: Bloodhunt running between June 14th and June 18th.
  • REMINDER: Third Anniversary Community Activities are starting. For more details and a full list of the planned activities, click here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/65822/
  • Known Issue on PTB: Graphics settings cannot be changed in fullscreen mode. We are investigating the issue at the moment, but in the meantime, you can:
  1. Switch to windowed mode.
  2. Change the graphics settings to your liking.
  3. (Optional) Switch back to fullscreen mode.

Ghost Face

Since the PTB launched two days ago, we have received a lot of feedback on Ghost Face. We are currently working to find a solution to the following issues:

  • Cancelling stealth is too easy
    • In addition, there is currently a bug which allows the survivors to reveal Ghost Face before Night Shroud is activated, causing him to be instantly spotted as soon as it is activated
  • Stalking is not as efficient as we'd like
    • The amount of time it takes to stalk somebody compared to the time it takes to detect Ghost Face is not where we'd like it to be.
  • Audio feedback
    • There are various audio queues and issues which make it too easy to detect Ghost Face, making it difficult to sneak up on survivors.

We are currently reviewing Ghost Face internally and coming up with solutions to the problems listed above. We will share more information with you as soon as we can.

Survivor Hair update

After multiple engine updates, we now have better tools and features at our disposal to improve the quality of various hairstyles in the game. Starting with the 3.0.0 update, we will be revisiting existing hairstyles and updating them to be more consistent with more recent, higher quality cosmetics. This is an ongoing process.


TheBean: Is Freddy losing the aura reading when survivors are in the Dream World?

Yes, Freddy is no longer going to have aura reading while survivors are in the Dream World. This was confusing for new players who did not know that Freddy could see than and frustrating for stealthy players who try to lose the killer.

Ablutomaniac: Will we lose all our Freddy Add-ons when the rework goes live?

You will keep all of the add-ons you've collected so far, but they we be changed to have new effects that work with Freddy's new power. (Essentially like the Wraith update.)

DudeDelicious: Will Freddy’s perks remain the same after the rework?

Yes, at the moment there are no slated changes for Freddy’s perks.

BlackMercury: When Freddy is reworked will there be an indicator for him of when he is 'flickering' during micro-sleep so that he can take advantage of the flickers for mind-games?

Since Freddy's flickering is based on who is currently awake, the flickering is different from survivor to survivor. With that in mind, we do not have a good way to display who can and can't see you at this time.

WINTERS: Can we see Frederick's new addons? Or at least some of them?

The Nightmare will be able to switch between Snares and Pallets: This is done by using an add-on. In addition to this he will have action speed slowdown with the ropes and chain add-ons, the amount slowed is not as high as it was prior (previously 50% decreased action speed) but it should still be felt by survivors. Increased regression and aura reading when survivors fail sabotage/healing and repair skill checks. The Red Paint Brush, one of Freddy's Ultra Rare add-ons, will be changed so that Survivors all start in the Dream World and failed skill checks do not wake them up.

How will the Dream Master achievement work after the rework?

The Dream Master achievement will remain unchanged as survivors will still be passively pulled into the dream world.

What is the advantage to waking up?

An awake survivor will hear a terror radius, which makes it easier to tell how close the killer is. When they are asleep, they'll hear the lullaby, making it difficult to tell how close the killer is. In addition, survivors are susceptible to dream traps while they are asleep. Freddy's add-ons will also further discourage a survivor from staying asleep.

Freudentrauma: Will future map rework milestones also mostly focus on one specific map or is it possible that we will see several maps reworked at once?

The map reworks will focus on one specific map at a time, however, this does not mean that other maps cannot get tweaked at the same time. We will continue to fix bugs and issues on other maps while we are reworking a particular map.

Blueberry: Has the team looked at removing secret offerings from the loading screen? There are few enough potential secret offerings that this prevents them from being a secret.

We have seen this requested a couple times and have even discussed this internally. We can't make any promises just yet, but we can confirm that this on our radar.

Weederick: When will the Mettle of Man rework go live?

One version of the change is currently available to test in the PTB. We've received a lot of feedback and have concluded that safe unhooks make it too easy to activate Mettle of Man. On top of that, the perk can currently activate while healthy in the PTB, unlike the live version which only activates when injured. Before the perk goes live, we will be removing the safe unhook condition (protection hits will remain) and reverting the injured requirement. The perk will be launch in the 3.0.0 update.

Brokedownpalace: Are you still actively buffing or reworking weaker perks?

This is an ongoing process. We have also updated a few perks in the current PTB.

Kebek: Are you planning on "updating" any other killer's power now that you've solved Legion's problems? For example, poor Leatherface could use some "updating".

We are aiming to continue updating our killers. We have done passes on The Trapper, Wraith, Hag, Legion, and The Nightmare is coming as well. There have been a few conversations about how we can update the remaining killer list including the Nurse and Cannibal but as I said these changes take time and are being done in priority as well as based off the resources we have available at the time. One of the highly suggested changes for the Cannibal would be to modify how the chainsaw charge works, the suggestion was to make the chainsaw charge for Cannibal work the same as the chainsaw charge for the Hillbilly where it immediately triggers when you fill the bar. We will be sure to share more when we have more details.

WolfPad06: When will we be getting the missing Ultra Rare add-ons for some killers (Nurse, Billy, LF, Doctor's 2nd one, etc.)?

We are aiming to add the missing Ultra Rare add-ons for the killers who are missing them when we tweak those killer powers and add-on sets.

Are there any changes coming to the new pallet stun VFX?

We have received a lot of feedback letting us know that the VFX are too strong. We are currently reviewing it internally to determine what is the best way to go about it.

With Enduring being changed to affect only pallet stuns, will Decisive Strike's stun time be reduced?

At the moment, we feel like Decisive Strike is in a good place. We will be keeping an eye out for feedback nonetheless and could potentially revisit this down the line if it becomes an issue.

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