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Ghostface Changes

Hey all just wanted to put my Input out there on the Ghostface situation atm these are my thoughts.

1. Change the survivors ability to end his power to 2 seconds straight and the killers stalk time to 4 seconds, so this gives the killer time to stop leaning and stalking if they know they have been seen. The ultra rare add on should make the killers stalk time 2 seconds so it's strong only then.

2. Keep the noise for when he enters his stealth mode but remove all noises he makes afterwards and deactivate any sensing perks survivors use, this will make it suspenful as survivor for they will have to be alert at all times and at least they get a warning which the killer would do in the movies anyway.

3. I think it is a bug ATM but make it that downed and hooked survivors can't end your ability

4. Up exposed to 30 seconds due to survivors generally being able to run around one pallet for at least 20 seconds anyway

I think these changes will make playing him more enjoyable as you actually have a chance to hunt and stalk correctly plus also making it thrilling and suspenseful on the survivors side as they will mostly have to be on high alert which to be honest isn't necessary against most other killers. For this killer to succeed he needs to be the stealthiest killer in the game, please let me know what you all think

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