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ScottJund with some valuable advice for DbD’s Future

ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 743


There needs to be an unbiased team, either paid or volunteer, that at the meetings where they discuss ideas for changes for the game give their feed back on if it’s a good change/addition or not.

The devs have shown on multiple occasions they don’t make changes that the community particularly likes, and concepts for killers/perks that are really bad. This team would prevent those ideas from making it to the PTB and save them a lot of time fixing things that are so bad they need to be reworked.

For instance if they made another killer like ghostface this team could tell them that the perks are really bad and won’t be used and the power could use some tweaking before they actually start development.

Overall this would cause less backlash and a more efficient use of dev time.



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