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Ghostface needs changes

Ghostface as he currently stands on the PTB has an ineffective power whether it be due to bugs or how it fundamentally works and in this post I would like to suggest ways to improve the function of his power with reasons behind each suggestion.

1 : Stealth should not be broken by looking at the killer.

The reason why looking at a killer to cancel their power is a bad idea is because most competent survivors are always looking around anyways. The other thing to keep in mind is that there are four survivors meaning that even if you position yourself in a way that is good to catch one specific person who somehow doesn't manage to see you, there are three other survivors who can still be at a different angle who can still spot you whether by intention or accident meaning that because you got unlucky you can't sneak up on the one person you actually wanted to get. The other thing to keep in mind is that Ghostface already has to spend time to get into position with his stealth, allowing people to look at him to cancel his power will mean the time he spent would be for nothing which is the same frustration people already get with Trapper when they setup their traps only for them to get disarmed the whole game as an example.

None of the other stealth killers have their ability ruined for everyone because someone looked at them and yet Ghostface does despite being intended as the true stealth killer. Instead a better idea would be to make it so he loses stealth when in a chase for over 5 seconds or performs a basic attack (grabs do not count).

2 : Detection perks should not work while in the night shroud.

Perks like OoO delete his power just like it deletes the stealth power for both Wraith & Pig. Perks like OoO, spine chills, premonition or any aura reading perk will remove the element of surprise Ghostface is supposed to provide. Myers for instance is immune to all detection perks while in tier 1 and that allows him to have the perfect opportunity to sneak up on players without them realizing who it is. This would also be fine for Ghostface simply because any player who is careful will be looking around already.

3 : Improve his stealth.

If I understood this correctly, his red stain is only hidden while he is crouching with the night shroud active, if this is the case then this should also apply while he is standing up. In addition to this his power announces to everyone that his power is being used when this should not be the case. If we look at Myers for instance when he is in tier 1 the only indications you get of his existence are visuals, his breathing and if he tiers up he makes a sound. Ghostface should be similar where you only hear the breathing and when he exposes you. The reason for this suggestion is that an announcement of his stealth going active defeats the purpose of having a stealth power and removes the element of surprise that you would once again get with Myers.

4 : Slightly increase the exposed timer.

Odds are if you're stalking a player then they will be at a distance and you won't be directly behind them. If this is the case then they can run in a straight line and outrun the exposed effect just by doing that. His exposed timer should be increased to anything at or between 25-30 seconds allowing for looping to still be effective against him but prevent running in a straight line from being effective.

5 : More ways to earn deviousness points.

This one actually isn't a buff, this is just something to encourage more people to play Ghostface in different ways. If we look at Spirit for instance she gains deviousness by traveling with her power, attacking with her power and grabbing with her power. Ghostface should be no different in the sense that he should gain 200 deviousness points for attacking people while in the night shroud, he should also gain 600 deviousness points for grabbing people off of objects with the night shroud. This change would not make him any stronger or weaker but instead simply encourage people to be more creative with how they play him.

6 : Decrease base terror radius?

This one actually isn't necessary at all, but I think that the idea of a stealth killer should always be accompanied with a shorter terror radius especially since he has to spend what seems to be about 30 seconds for his power to come back once it goes inactive. I think that a good change would be to give him a 24 meter terror radius to help allow him to sneak up on players while outside of his power so that way he has a way to keep players on edge even when he doesn't have his power. This also wouldn't be oppressive as the detection perk immunity would only ever apply to him while using the night shroud power.

With all these changes in mind I believe Ghostface can be greatly improved without him being oppressively strong and allows his power to see some actual use and give him that playstyle that people love to go against when they're against Myers while also making his power way more versatile in a way that's still fair.


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