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It finally happened

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

Tonight very few killers are playing.

My Survivor Queues for the first time in all the time I've been playing are taking more than a minute. This does not bode well.



  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 1,521

    I think something is wrong with the matchmaking - again. I'm trying to play killer but have to wait like 10 minutes for people to get into my lobby and they always happen to have random ranks (everything from 1 to 20).

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 5,453

    The end is neigh

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    When you say they randomly get Iron Will you are referring tohe soundbug right?

    Anyway I think I just realized the problem. My rank has been slowly climbing up I'm in purple ranks again. Maybe killers are sparse in the purples these days? I mean killers have it tough in the higher ranks. Hopefully I get smashed so I rank back down to Green.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826

    It fluctuates back and forth based on various factors. The only time the game has ever had a serious problem was back when the Halloween chapter released.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,233

    Yeah, Yamaoka Estate is the worst offender. On that map in particular, I've noticed survivors sometimes stop crying out in pain for the rest of the match after the first hook, and sounds tend to echo back and forth in my headset on the killer shack corner of the map. It's really hard to describe, but the survivor noises "bounce" from left to right if they're near the shack.

    I know for a fact killers are rare in the purple-red ranks, because I often get yellow rank killers in my purple survivor rank games, and I get red rank to yellow rank survivors (like rank 1 all the way to rank 13 in some games) in my killer games.

  • VancoldVancold Member Posts: 173

    Sorry, there are more killers than surv atm in Europe :)

    It seems no one wants to play surv :)

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826

    Why not try the other role?

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 3,615

    More than a minute? Is that a joke? It can take up to 10 on PS4.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    You act as if I have never played Killer.

    And no, not a joke. Survivor Queues for me are usually 5 seconds. Tonight my queues are going 2 mins or so. And I'm playing Solo. Very unusual.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,733

    There could be several reasons for this. One of the two main reasons is maybe there are not enough people playing killers. Another reason might be you're just unlucky.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886
    edited June 7

    By the way, does this mean on PS4 nobody plays Killer? I'd imagine playing killer is significantly harder on PS4 compared to PC.

    As for luck, well, one or two games would be luck. But tonight all my survivor games take more than a minute to get into a lobby.

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,044

    @Mochan When your frames constantly drop for all the little things it can get pretty annoying. We don't even have consistent 40 fps yet ;-;

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Heh well my PC is not good right now so I also don't get consistent 60fps. It's pretty annoying, I know the feeling.

  • purebalance7purebalance7 Member Posts: 90

    This. My killer queues are always quicker than survivor queues.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 819

    i wanted to be kind but when i heard derank you should be ban and never find a game again.

  • OblitiryOblitiry Member Posts: 487

    On PS4 red ranks survivor I get about 2-3 games in one hour if I'm lucky. Mostly because the killers their love to cherry pick and dodge constantly. It's honestly rarely enjoyable.

    I finally started using DS to defend myself from other survivors and I usually just get hit by a mori immediately lol. I seriously am starting to hate always ending up in this rank. And wish they would just lower the max rank to like 5 or something. That way i can actually play against more than the same 8 players..

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886
    edited June 7

    I don't derank on purpose like killers do.

    I derank because I get killed. I.e. -- I wasn't good enough so I lost pips.

    Man I still haven't found a game. I'm pushing 3 minutes now. I have an awful lot of time to post as a result.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826

    I play killer on ps4. We don’t even have to wait very long for lobbies on release dlc days.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826

    Being a killer on PS4 is very stressful. My secret to success is that I ready up immediately and don’t pay attention to the lobby. Then I ignore pips and whack survivors with blunt objects until I get me points. It’s quite therapeutic.

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,044

    Don't forget the lag spike you get when you enter bloodlust D:

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 1,447

    Lol mine has pretty much always taken at least that long.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 3,954

    Good, it will encourage more to play both sides hopefully more killer mains also start playing both sides.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826
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