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[Sloppy Butcher] blocking self-healing by med-kit and self-care perk

sphingidaesphingidae Member Posts: 87

- Platform:

PC, ver. 2.7.1

- Description of the issue:

Does not work self-healing (self-care perk and medkit) after rescue from the hook

- Steps to reproduce (if possible):

1. Get 2 hits from killer with "Sloppy Butcher" for dying state

2. After that killer hang survivor on a hook

3. Other teammate rescue first survivor from a hook

4. Saved survivor can't healing by using self-care perk or medkit

- How often does this occur:

Always when killer use "Sloppy Butcher" or other perks/addons with "Mangled" effect (for example: "Begrimed Chains", "Rusted Chains")

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