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Dying Light Rework

BalanceBalance Member Posts: 53
edited June 29 in Feedback and Suggestions

You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Your Obsession's altruistic action speed is increased by 50/44/38 %.

Hooking your Obsession, applies to every Survivor a penalty of 19% to Repair, Healing and Sabotage speed for 30 seconds.

When a Survivor rescues the Obsession from a Hook, the rescuer becomes the Obsession.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

"This isn't a man..." — Dr. Sam Loomis

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  • ChaosMaster130ChaosMaster130 Member Posts: 9

    Sounds kind of cool, though it does gives every survivor a semi 'we'll make it' as a side effect as it's written.

  • LiquidLink1988LiquidLink1988 Member Posts: 114

    @ChaosMaster130 The altruistic action speed works ONLY for the current obsession.

  • BalanceBalance Member Posts: 53

    Well, it is technically to counter the penalty that affects everyone due to the Obsession being hooked. The mental process should have been: Obsession gets hooked, survivors suffer the penalty, the rescuer heals the unhooked, the rescuer is your new target meanwhile the game got slowed down a bit just for you to find or another survivor or the rescuer directly.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 3,968

    Sounds reasonanble. Just a question... why 19%?

  • BalanceBalance Member Posts: 53
    edited June 11

    The current version of Dying Light features penalties percentuages of 19/22/50 %, and it was specifically in harmony with the actual altruism speed up of the Obsession, which is 38/44/50 % respectively (The double of the previous in a nutshel).

    As I evaluated the possibility to actually simply revert the variables and give a 25% as the debuff (sounded quite way too strong, even for 30 seconds), I decided instead to not risk on making it overpowered or rather unfair and went for the lowest value.

    I would dare to say: at tier 3, the perk gives less advantage to the Obsession in terms of altruistic actions speed, so better to lower the penalty a bit as well in order to balance it around.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 3,968

    Okay. I was just curious why not 20% tbh.

    But yeah that explanation makes sense.

  • ShenwickShenwick Member Posts: 8

    A rework of this perk seems nice to me because last time I was against a killer with it, the obsession disconnected and we lost because of this

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    I saw lot of killers with dying light and a mori for their obsession.

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