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No Mither Rework

Keep No Mither how it is with the exception of two simple concepts:

The survivor starts out healthy

The killer cannot see the broken status effect... just take that off the survivor indicator all together at the bottom left of the screen. Have it be an indicator like Mangled, Exhausted, Etc. Also, for other survivors, have a red perk indicator (similar to Thanatophobia) so other survivors know that they are near a No Mither survivor.


  • michaelrandom27michaelrandom27 Member Posts: 87

    Right now, No Mither is a joke perk that people only use when they want to die. I seriously doubt that anyone has ever gotten up with that perk in a normal rank 1 game.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718

    The perk is fine as is. It's meant to be hard mode. The only buff it needs is 100% noise reduction. That's it. It's not meant to be anything but hard mode for a survivor looking for a challenge and it even meshes well with a few other perks for gen rush.

  • LiquidLink1988LiquidLink1988 Member Posts: 114

    @AStupidMonkeyy I would be okay with a 100% noise reduction, tbh.

    I still stand by my idea to change the perk, though. My idea solely makes it so the killer does not know that the survivor has No Mither, which is the ONLY flaw with the perk... If you could call it A PERK.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718

    @LiquidLink1988 That is fine but I'll say this. They already said many times that they will not change it to make it easier. Noise reduction is bearable so I doubt they'll say no to that, though.

  • n2njauwun2njauwu Member Posts: 217
    edited June 11

    whats the point of this >>> if u want a real challenge run in first 15 secs of a game to a killer and there you go or even better go 0 perks / its just waste slot perk when u can do that not taking it / it should give bonus bp and as stated abouce starting healthy and killer not seeing no mither broken status effect so he might for once slug and i can get up ...,,,, THIS perk just has 0 good things about it :

    • healing from dying state .... nope , killer knows u run no mither
    • 50 noise reduction , i gotta waste 2 perks to have. and even if it got buffed for 100% whats the point if without no mither you start game healthy without making any sounds
    • all killers will expect you to have death hard so yeah
    • you dont make pool of bloods ... right i dont have them either when im full healthy ...
    • killer can see broken status effect = so basically ur giving a killer a sign that is saying PLEASE FIND ME AND TUNNEL ME :))) ... if u want get tunneled just run to killer at the start of a game if your good surv. and killer give up give him a free hit and im sure he will play with you again :)
    • no mither counter exposed ? not rly 1st u need death hard so you waste already 2 perks and anyway as i said before killer will expect all no mithers to have it anyway so it wont rly work
    • not even good vs chainsaws cuz they wont even bother using them on you . your just saying to killers stab me :)

    .... if u want hardmode dont play stealthy .... no mither will be actually nice if it gives bp to all categories and that i rly need , srsly im struggling with bp all time on 0 :C

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 460

    The only thing that no mither needs is a bp gain increase...

  • Meat_MachineMeat_Machine Member Posts: 3

    You need to be more creative with your builds. Instead of judging perks individually, pair them up with perks that synchronize well with them. For example, No Mither works well with:

    -Dead Hard (Allows you to dodge instadown attacks that you would otherwise not be able to, such as EW3, chainsaws, etc)

    -Deliverance (Redundant downside to successfully unhooking yourself)

    -Flip-Flop (Good for countering slugging, or with sabotage)

    -Resilience (Permanent 9% boost in all action speeds)

    -Saboteur (Can always pick yourself up from dying state if you go down in a hookless area)

    -Spine Chill (Helps you stay stealthy, and stacks bonuses with Resilience/This Is Not Happening)

    -This Is Not Happening (Works very well for rushing generators through Ruin, especially if teammates keep the Killer occupied)

    -Tenacity (Escape and recover while dying even faster - great with sabotage)

    -Unbreakable (Heal from dying even faster - a bit redundant, but still a nice bonus)

    -Urban Evasion (Little noise, low profile, no blood, no loss in walking speed, and respectful towards crows)

    Also, No Mither counters:

    -Vile Purge (Really only makes you easier to track, and spreads infection to other Survivors if you don't cleanse)

    -Feral Frenzy (Essentially negates the benefit of the easy first deep wound hit Legion relies on)

    -Bear Traps (Bloody Coil is no concern to you)

  • LiquidLink1988LiquidLink1988 Member Posts: 114


    First of all, No Mither does not COUNTER any of these things, it just makes them moot. A COUNTER to them, is 99% a heal.

    Vile Purge: Great, you don't need to puke on them! Down em, hook em, puke on them to spread the contagion.

    Feral Frenzy: Great, you don't have to use Feral Frenzy on them! Especially now with the change to Legion being 115% killer

    Bear Traps: okay, that works. However, so does 99% healing!

    You also forgot to mention the Killer Perks that make No Mither a hinderance:

    Thanatophobia:... enough said.

    Stridor:... can hear the grunts of pain more to reveal your location better

    Secondly, I am not saying that No Mither doesn't have any synergy; You also missed:

    Lightweight: less scratch marks, no blood

    Poised: No scratch makes, no blood

    All of the perks you listed off, by the way, would be BETTER if you didn't even use No Mither to begin with.

    Once again, to reiterate, I'm just suggesting that the killer has no way of knowing a person has No Mither, by starting the survivor healthy, and not letting the killer know if someone is broken. It may allow some slugging plays to actually come in handy for a No Mither user.

    Please do so kindly re-read

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