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Patch Notes forums on PTB

TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 1,635

Question... I might be misunderstanding how something works here.

When you look at the forum categories... You see the name of the forum... discussions.. comments... latest post.

So on the Player Test Build forum... it says... Patch Notes PTB 3.0.0.. Than says underneath Patricia, June 6th, in PTB Patch....

However when I got into those forums.. go into PTB Patch Notes, there is no post that has been edited or posted after June 4th.

I am I missing something there?... Just curious were the edit or notes where for June 6th, by Patricia.


  • ceridwen309ceridwen309 Member Posts: 323

    It appears to be a discrepancy in the date. Aside from that, all appears well to me. Odd though, it's not the first time I've spotted a date being off. Not sure what causes that though.

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