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DetectiveCookieh - Huntress

Photo's taken by Magnus Starseth, Huntress by me ^^

The hound mask took about a week to make. I made a mask of my entire face with plasterstrips then put plastic on. After attaching the plastic I used clay to build up where I wanted the snout and ears to be and then put even more plasterstips on and eventually I dug the clay out ^^
The veil is an old shirt I had that I cut and sewed and glued together on my own.

The skirt was made in 2 days. I did the pattern myself by cutting out foam in the shape I wanted and mixed acrylic paint and water. Then I dipped the foam pieces and pressed them against the fabric.
The skirt pattern sadly didn't show up much in the photo but I have more photos of it in better lightning ^^

The shirt was made in a day and the corset is made out of an old shirt that I cut and reworked a bit to be able to attach it to the shirt :)

The axe was made in 3 days and it's entirely made out of EVA foam, worbla and lots of acrylic paint.

Everything was made from stuff I had at home and at school (plaster and clay).

I have more photos here: https://www.instagram.com/cookiehchar/

If you have any questions you can contact me via my discord: chlfd#1624

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