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Randomly Disconnecting from game!

JoakimGrDayJoakimGrDay Member Posts: 57

So now I have this issue that whenever I play I will randomly disconnect from any game! It's not my own internet I am 100% sure, even updated network drivers, checked for registry errors. Nothing else to do really! I will soon get banned for disconnecting lol


  • KaNGoLKaNGoL Member Posts: 11

    This happens to me as well. I was playing with a friend and thought the Killer DC'ed, but my friend said I was the only one that left. It happens fairly frequently, and I am worried that when the dedicated servers come out, it will cause me problems since it looks like I am DC'ing to everyone else.

  • Keene_KillsKeene_Kills Member Posts: 464

    It's apparently "a thing" going on with many folks for a bit now. Having this happen every blue moon, as well. Kinda' has me on my toes for the same reason as the above mentioned... hopefully they'll have things sorted out for dedicated servers, or at least be able to tell the difference so it won't be held against those who've been DC'ed against their will.

    Would be nice to get an open clarification on it, though. Ease some minds.

  • Potato87Potato87 Member Posts: 4

    This happens to me too, at least as a survivor. I have come back from a long break and haven't played Killer yet so I don't know if this affects only survivors.

    But I'm still concerned people think I'm rage quitting and report me and then the ban hammer comes... X_x

  • GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 916

    I'm having these issues as well and I did what OP has done, checked drivees, made sure my connection solid and everything was great, but yet it still happens. I really hope they fix this soon because it's almost unplayable for me, it seems like every other match I'm DC'ing randomly and running into errors. Dedicated Servers can't come fast enough.

  • Potato87Potato87 Member Posts: 4

    Okay, I think it happens as Killer too.... X_x

  • DarkBarbarianDarkBarbarian Member Posts: 35

    The random disconnects may do have something to do with the killer's connection.

    I have noticed that when I play killer and my ping jumps, let's say +10ms, whereas it was constant before, it may happen that one of the survs disconnects (you don't hear that typical dc noice so that means they got kicked).

    If I am correct and has something to do with lag spikes on the killer's side this should be fixed once the dedicated servers are there.

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