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This studious set will make you discover new horizons...

  • New Start! (a): What's better than a new haircut to stand out! Even in the worst situations, demand the very best!
  • Simple and fashion (b) : A leather jacket, a shoulder bag and a few accessories to show your style! No matter the circumstances, as long as you have everything you need, you're good to go!
  • Classic shorts (c) : A very subtle short that can be adjusted with anything! Style matters, even in the fog!


I wasn't very fond of Kate's first bag. That's the reason why having three completely different bags seemed interesting to me! Each of them have bits of details combining the efficiency of a backpack and the essence of what Kate represents. I also took the opportunity to add a few badges in order to give her a little more color and identity.


Regarding the idea behind this skin, I firstly thought of a clothing style for my character, and why my character would have it. Before starting, I was thinking on a theme I would choose, which ultimately is the one you can see today. I wanted to combine this recurrent idea that we find a numerous horror movies that use stereotypical student protagonists to the rest of the cast of the game.

I chose Kate who was a good candidate for me as she does not have a lot of skins and yet is very often played by the community. She deserves her chance. Through her, I decided to deepen the lore of her character by imagining how her teenage years were and what style she might have worn, without forgetting her original identity as we know it.

Still in this musical idea that would fit her, I went for a perspective more Rock N' Roll, imagining Kate seeking herself during adolescence. By creating a side-story (that I have not posted here), I managed to ascertain my idea, and create this skin!

Finally, the graphic chart used is a kind of Easter Egg to Christophe Young, concept artist of the game.

I am hoping you will like it, I post a bonus image on the different hairstyles I created for her.

See you in the fog!


  • PS: Forgive my English, I'm French and I'm not sure I put the appropriate terms and don't forget to zoom to see more details !
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