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Why crutch perks shouldn't exist

SpoopyNihilSpoopyNihil Member Posts: 2
edited June 12 in Feedback and Suggestions

Perks like MoM (pre-nerf) and Noed shouldn't exist because:

-It feels really unpleasent to lose a kill/hit/escape because of it

-Lowers the tension in game

-Players don't evolve faster since they (the perk) remove punishment

-Rewards bad plays

It really bothers me that this type of perks keep comming into the game time to time and i think it's something that really hurts the fun factor of the game(for me at least)


  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 9,305

    Any perk can be a crutch, I use to crutch (rely) on spine chill.

  • SpoopyNihilSpoopyNihil Member Posts: 2

    You are right, but the difference between other perks and blatant crutchs is that they often make you rage and really shows that the killer/survivor needs the perk to do decent at commun situations like endgame, unhooking and overall chasing/running

  • BloodyTappBloodyTapp Member Posts: 107

    Meta should just be more diverse due to proper and regular balance changes, instead of releasing new cosmetics and incomplete chapters. I wouldn't mind buffing other perks to give players more options of adjusting/changing their playstyle

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    Crutch perk is a made up word. Every perk is a crutch. Some are stronger than others, some are definitely too strong and imbalanced. But they all give you options.

    Please people, just stop saying something "rewards bad play". Cringy, stupid, meaningless rhetoric. Nothing rewards bad play. Some perks mitigate the consequences of bad play, but that's a whole different thing.

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 242
    edited June 13

    Crutch This, Crutch That, Crutch EVERYTHING.

    Christ, it's like saying that all perks people use are Crutches. Literally, all perks are there to give you an advantage over SOMETHING, therefore, is a crutch, and therefore shouldn't exist by your logic. I may have gotten that wrong, but point being: No perk is necessarily a crutch at all.

    MoM does indeed grant Endurance after being hit 3 times (Pre-Nerf at least), thing is: That's making the assumption that you're good at chases to utilize it's full effect. Even then, all it does in the end is give you an extra hit. And after that, you have to heal inside the TR, a tad close to the killer I may add to NOT get detected when you heal to healthy after using MoM.

    Hex: Noed has been hated for a long time. The fact that it "Rewards Bad Play" is actually the Survivor's fault. Necessarily, as a Survivor, you're meant to not get hit in the first place. If a new killer used Noed, they would still fail, since they have to hit the survivor in the first place. If anything, if you got Exposed, and then put into Dying State immediately, it's not the killer's fault that you lost. You were the one who made yourself lost. The Perk also punishes the killer in a sense that 1: There could be better perks to use like Ruin. 2: It's a useless perk if you can't hit attacks frequently, and 3: The Killer's are not entitled to give the Survivor's a good time on their behalf. Their Objectives contradict eachother for a reason. A Killer is supposed to Kill, and a Survivor is supposed to survive.

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