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Design | Ghost Face PTB Changes

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People of the Fog,

It has been just over a week since Ghost Face debuted on the Player Test Build (PTB). Since then, we have been closely monitoring his performance and reading through your feedback. Upon further consideration, we determined that it would be best to address the state of Ghost Face before the official release.

Shortly after reaching the PTB, we noticed many people were experiencing issues while playing Ghost Face. Survivors were able to detect the Killer too easily, making it difficult to take advantage of his power. With your feedback, we have identified several issues and listed some of the changes we have made in order to address them below.


  • The global audio cue when activating Night Shroud has been removed
  • The range of Ghost Face’s audio has been reduced to 8m from 16m when Night Shroud is active

The audio cue would put Survivors on high alert and cause them to keep an eye out for Ghost Face. With this removed, Ghost Face will have the element of surprise on his side. Additionally, the rest of Ghost Face’s audio has been reduced in range to make it more difficult to hear him approaching.


  • Reduced the detection zone: It is now more focused more tightly on the center of the screen
  • Added a buffer before the reveal phase to prevent Survivors from spinning their camera to reveal Ghost Face
  • Increased detection time to 1.5 seconds from 1 second
  • Increased the amount of the Killer that needs to be visible in order to begin revealing
  • The detection zone while crouched has been tweaked and is now closer to the top of his head, making him harder to detect while crouched
  • The off-screen detection indicator is now visible for the entire duration of the reveal phase
  • Ghost Face will now receive a short Killer Instinct effect on the Survivor that revealed them
  • Night Shroud will now hide the red stain at all times rather than only while crouched
  • Increased crouch speed to 3.6m/s from 3.45m/s
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Survivors to reveal Ghost Face before Night Shroud was active

Survivors were previously able to quickly detect Ghost Face by rapidly moving their camera. With these changes, they will now need to look more directly at the Killer for a longer time. The buffer ensures that a Survivor needs to continuously look at Ghost Face to start revealing them. Additionally, the Killer is now able to tell where they are being seen from before being revealed, giving them a short window to get to cover. If a Survivor does manage to reveal Ghost Face, their location will be revealed by a Killer Instinct effect.


  • Stalk progress no longer regresses over time and is instead reset when the Survivor is marked, hit, or downed
  • Increased the duration of the exposed effect to 45 seconds from 20 seconds

Currently, it can be very difficult to fully stalk a Survivor and even more difficult to follow up and get a hit within the short window where the Survivor is exposed. Between these tweaks and the changes made to detection, it should now be much easier to stalk Survivors and more forgiving if a Survivor spots you before you are able to mark them.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave constructive feedback after trying Ghost Face in the PTB. This updated version of Ghost Face will be available to test this Thursday, June 13th, in the Player Test Build. We hope these changes have addressed some of your concerns, and we are eager to see what you think of the new and improved Ghost Face.

Full patch notes will be posted tomorrow when the PTB update launches.

The Dead by Daylight team

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