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Balance of Bloodpoints

There should be a huge balance update to the Bloodpoint gain on both sides. It would help the grind a lot and in general make it a little less frustrating to "lose". Most often it is more frustrating that one didn't get enough Bloodpoints to reach that desired next level, than it was to reach the exit gate as a survivor or getting that cheeky little survivor already waiting at it when playing killer. A better income of BP might help ease frustation a bit in the community as a whole, so here's some BP score events that should be updraded/updated:



-Make skillchecks in general grant a bit more. A good skillcheck may grant you 100 points and great ones grant 250 Bloodpoints. It's a small change, but goes a long way.

Generator repair:

-Raise coop point gain to 1,5 of what it is right now. The objective is slowed down slightly and not as spread out, so a few more bloodpoints don't feel misplaced.


-Make Healing skillchecks on yourself actually count as survival bloodpoints and raise the point gain of healing yourself up to par with the point gain of healing another survivor.

-New BP score event: struggling in the Killers grasp. Make it something like "fought back" and grant 300 bp every 25% of the wiggle bar you filled.

-New BP score event: Escape a chase/ "there was an attempt". Grant the 250bp you would normally get in boldness to survival instead. 250bp if you fail to evade the chase, 400bp if you acutally lose the killer.


-Raise the coop point of healing by 1,5 of what it is right now.

-Raise the healing points up to 600bp per full heal.


-Hook sabotage bp gain increased to 800bp instead of 500, they take longer than totems to sabotage but grant less bp, I dunnu this is odd.



-Raise the bp gain of pallet breaking up to 200bp and a successful hit 400bp. Let a Mori grant 500 Brutality bp as well.

-New scoring event: "Crushing hit", this score event triggers when full health survivors are hit by a one hit down, either by chainsaw or through perks. It grants you the full 600bp, as if you had hit them before hand.

Hunter category:

-Raise the bp gain of a chase by 1,5 of bp gain. Increase the survivor found score event to 300 points. The round start score event of it doubling would only increase it to 450bp.

Now into more Killer specific bp gain:


-Placing traps 250bp


-Surprise grab 800bp

-Surprise attack 750bp


-Introduce the Chrushing hit and I would already be grateful, no need to change anything on Hillbilly.


-Increase the acurate blink to 250bp and the lethal blink to 500bp


-Increase stalk bp gain by 1,5. There need to be more fixes than this but, that's all I am going to put here for now.


-Placing trap 100bp, trap triggered 250bp and phantasm attack 650bp


-Increasing madness level 350bp, shocking 500 bp, attack after shock 350bp


-Quite simply change the requirement of charged hatchet down to 1 second of charging, rather than waiting for the full charge and audio cue. It just puts her behind in bloodpoint gain by a lot, especially when she is almost full in deviousness and she doesn't really gain anymore points through normal hatchet hits.


-"Crushing hit"

-Grant the chainsaw run score event when ever he starts a charge, quite like hillbilly.


-Since he is getting his update, I'm gonna stand back and wait for a second.


-Still hoping for some change to her kit to allow more specific actions or such, but her bloodpoints could be better also. Maybe change her traps to grant 800bp and upon activation grant another 500bp.


-Grant the clown more time to hit survivors, even when the gas has lifted to get the "wasted" score event, it's quite simply too short.

-250bp for intoxication, 400bp for direct bottle hit and 500bp for "wasted" score event.


-Same as clown, grant her a little more time to hit a survivor out of her phasing, otherwise she is quite great to go.


-Increase the amount of bp for duration in frenzy to 1,5 of it's current state.

-A "deep wound" score event should grant 500bp

-A chained "deep wound" should grant 250bp


-Infection of a player should grant 250bp, the process of infection by puking should grant 200bp, instead of the 100bp.

-Upon a activating a fountain gain 350bp for "devotion"

-"Sickness damage" should grant a small amount of 200bp in deviousness, too.

-The "corruption" with the corrup purge should grant 500bp per hit.

This is all for now, but maybe you guys know some more stuff, that could grant more bloopoint potential. I hope we can all get to an agreement in some way, knowing, that bloopoints can sometimes be hard to get by. Interested to see what others think, so see you guys in the fog.


  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 133

    Hag, if played right, will tend to gain max deviousness throughout many games. I don't have much experience with the others, but I won't complain about more bp.

  • MercuryMercury Member Posts: 241

    Alright, no problem. :D

    I am not much of a Hag player myself, so I didn't know. Just wanted to give her bp gain some luv, too. :)

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 844

    Last one standing survivour scoring event would be cool. I think survival as a whole needs an overhaul. Make escaping score 2500-3000 points but make it so you earn survival point in tandem with other scoring events. Healing, safe unhooks, compeleting gens. I understand the escape is like a jackpot but it encourages bad survivour play focusing on looking after themselves instead of staying active and focused on playing as a team. Make it possible to achieve the coveted perfect survivour game.

    Deathgarden is a good example of how to execute this granting you way more points for playing the game instead of just trying to wait out the timer.

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