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Survivor Changes: (VFX, QoL, and Animations)

NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 5,288
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Survivor Changes: Dying State
  • The recover action is now an automatic action.
  • The time it takes to fully recover is now 30 seconds (was 32 seconds).
  • If you can fully recover from the dying state, you'll automatically stop recovering when you're just about to recover to the injured state. After this happens, if you're not crawling, you will receive the option to recover and confirm the transition to the injured state.
  • The transition to the injured state will take 2 seconds. During this time, you'll see an animation of you getting up from the floor, or a survivor helping you up from the floor.
  • Depending on you bleed-out progress, VFX will take effect to stress how close you are to death!

4 Minutes Remaining

3 Minutes Remaining

2 Minutes Remaining

1 Minute Remaining

During the last 10 seconds of the bleed-out timer, your screen will get darker and darker until it's completely dark (You're Dead).

  • Items will now have a power gauge (think of Spirit's, Legion's, and Freddy's power) to show more accurately how many charges are remaining.
  • When you stop performing an action while a skill check is active, you'll still have the opportunity to succeed the skill check instead of it immediately counting as a failed skill check (think of Overcharge's skill check when you tap a generator and leave).

Done, hopefully these will be really cool to see in the game! :)

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