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ghostface crouching ?

i just cant see any worth things about crouching ,

  • grass block all the view and oh my g0d the CORNNN
  • he is slower / slower than pig crouching
  • he cant rly mindgames on loop because the most important is speed and its sad because that would be funny crouching mind gaming survivors on loops

if he got even better buff to his crouch speed it would buff him nice because :

  • he can be good on typical pallet loops
  • he waste less time crouching finding survivors , and its balanced because he sees way less than in standing form
  • they would change addons to give him power in other ways since crouch would be fast and there would be no need for faster crouching addod
  • or simply if he is crouching for atleast 2-3 seconds give him speed boost like wraith

Maybe i am blind and i dont see the point of crouching so enlighten me or buff his crouch


  • TonToETonToE Member Posts: 15

    His crouch is as fast as Pig's, 92%. The point of crouching is to be low to the ground to help sneaking up on survivors and get stalks off, it also makes you harder to detect since survivors have to look at your face, or somethin like that. I am not exactly sure how that works but it was mentioned in the patch notes.

  • n2njauwun2njauwu Member Posts: 217

    its harder to detect you yes sure ,, and at same time its harder for you to spot survivors , not only that now while in shroud even when standing u dont make red stain so there is no point in crouiching

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 1,880

    Maybe Monitor and Abuse would be good on him for the wider FOV? Possible. I'll buy him just to buy and try.

  • n2njauwun2njauwu Member Posts: 217

    i wonder about Play with your food . you stack it up then stalk and easy 1shot , but then again u need be in chase so idk

  • BloodyNightsBloodyNights Member Posts: 166

    The best use of the crouch is to teabag the survivors right back after they do it to you. Having the fastest crouching animation, almost as fast as the survivors themselves if not the same means you get to go ham and show them who is boss.

    Or just have a dance party with all the remaining survivors at the gate who have to teabag before leaving.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,217

    Wider FOV isn't really going to help him as the crouching mechanic has bad camera placement. It is the same for pig. Crouch puts their camera so low to the ground that they can be obstructed by grass and can't see through the corn stalks much at all. The only choice if the grass is too shaggy is to reposition and hope you can actually get a line of sight.

  • MrSunbroMrSunbro Member Posts: 111

    It's to tea bag survivors

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